Easy tips to start knowing the best places in your city

When you are used to your city, you don’t necessarily think about being a tourist. And yet, you may miss out on some fabulous places that are worth seeing. We’ll give you a few tips to make you rediscover your home!

When you go on a trip, to another city or country, you first go to the tourism office to get some leaflets. From there, you can visit the monuments, go on a cruise on a bateau-mouche and do some activities. So why not do the same thing in your own town?

Afterwards, you can make use of new technologies. Don’t hesitate to ask your smartphone for the right addresses. Use Siri or Google Now, for example. Ask them what to do, what to eat, etc. Of course, this technique doesn’t work every time, but it can help you find yourself in a place that was unknown to you, and that you passed by every day.

Still in the new technologies, you can refer to social networks. Take the example of Instagram: the modern postcard. Indeed, thanks to the “#”, you can find everything that is happening in a specific city. You can come across photos of places, restaurants, beautiful little corners that you may not know.

You can also take a look at TripAdvisor in mobile application, for example. You can use geolocation to find the good addresses of your city. Moreover, use the comments to classify the good maps.

You can also visit a local blog, which can help you find the rare pearls. We invite you to go to Google and type in the name of your city. It’s a good way to get information, ideas for walks, restaurants or places to see. Don’t hesitate to take a look at it, for good tips.

When you go out, or meet new people, don’t hesitate to discuss with them the nice places they know, the restaurants they recommend, or simply suggest that you meet them again in the place of their choice. It is by opening up to others that you will open up to the city.

Otherwise, you can play the old-fashioned way by taking a walk. Leave room for the unexpected, and walk. Don’t put on a GPS, take a different path from the usual one, and let yourself go. Raise your eyes, look around you, you will inevitably come across some rare pearls.

These few tips will allow you to see your city from a new angle. Whether you have lived there for 10 – 20 – 30 – 50 years, it makes no difference. There are bound to be corners that you don’t know and that are worth seeing. That’s why, don’t hesitate to stick out your nose and get into the adventure!

Posté par Louis Savoret

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