Clear the Energy in your Home!

Xmas edition ‘Vogue’ magazine ‘Editor’s Picks’ Tokyo featured products from Petaltone Essences: ‘Crystal Clear’ and ‘Astral Clear’ that are designed to cleanse the energy, the atmosphere, in your home or workspace. These products were first introduced in 1993 and have occupied a unique niche ever since. What do they do?

If you are sensitive to energies in your surroundings then you may appreciate having a simple way to keep these clear and vibrant.
If you are not sensitive to energies it is still very likely that you have been aware at times of the atmosphere in a building, pleasant or otherwise, and should know that these essences can change that atmosphere and enhance the positive vibes.

The energy vibrations in a living space will have subtle and long term influence upon those dwelling within even if they are not aware of these, and it is much more relaxing to have an environment that is clear and sparkly, rather than stagnant or even possibly depressing!
Stale or negative ‘vibes’ bring you down sooner or later and detract from the positive focus of your life.

Cleaning the energies in a building is called ‘Space Clearing’ and using these simple methods anyone can do it.

Crystal Clear is applied via adding a few drops to water in a spray, and Astral Clear may be applied via a cold steam or candle powered vaporiser. The bottles will last well as only a few drops are needed each time. And you can also use both essences to cleanse and perk up the energies in your own Aura by evaporating a few drops from your hands into your energy field.

When moving into a new home it is rather important to cleanse it energetically as well as physically. The previous occupants may have left energies behind, and whilst these may not necessarily be harmful ones, they are not yours! By using the essences a few times you can start with a ‘clean slate’ so to speak and it will be easier to make your mark and set up whatever kind of vibe you want.

Workplaces can also build up quite an energy, and we have had many customers who found that using essences to clear their working area had beneficial effects. One client reported that a bullying superior stopped coming into her office after she had cleansed it using Crystal Clear.

If you go to our website you will find plenty of information on our Space Clearing essences. On our ‘Information’ page you will also see links to short videos that demonstrate how best to use the essences for Space Clearing, Personal Aura Cleansing, and Cleansing Crystals.

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