Tips on when your business might need a new website

Why a new website might cost less than you think

Small businesses, known as micro businesses, are far and away the most popular type of business in the UK economy. There are thousands of them, and they make up the backbone of many local economies.

Now, these businesses need all our support so they can survive the current pandemic. But this article looks beyond that and to a place where a usual rhythm of life has been returned to

If you are a business owner and your business has had the same website for between 5 and 10 years, it might be time for a replacement. The chances are the website you have now is the first and only one. There comes a time when everything needs replacing eventually and for small businesses such as these, it’s their website.

How do I know if my website might need updating

The biggest indication that your website may need updating is if it doesn’t re-size when the pages are viewed on a smartphone. Many years ago, web pages were designed for viewing on computers, but today over half of website content is consumed on a tablet or a phone. Find out if your current website is mobile friendly. If your website search engine ranking is important, be aware that Google may mark down a website that is not mobile friendly.

Finding the right website developer for my business

A business owner has decided it’s time for a new website. Many struggle to find the right type of web developer for their needs. A web agency is too large and too expensive. They offer functionality that is above and beyond a small company’s needs.

A website service provided by Yell, Google or Entrepreneurs Circle may have the product, but it’s one size fits all. They sell what they have rather than what your business needs. The service may not be personal or as responsive as you’d like.

There are marketing suppliers that sit in between these two offerings. They provide the levels of service associated with a specialised agency, but with the website solution suited to a microbusiness. As well as building a website and arranging hosting, they should also offer a basic SEO service that is suited to a business that draws a lot of its work from a small geographical area. The site should be developed on a widely used platform such as WordPress, Wix or Squarespace.

Impression is key

If your website is letting your business down, your losing business and your customers won’t tell you. They will just pass to the next recommendation or business in the Google listings. If your website is not mobile friendly it’s time to act.

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