Enhance human function and body-mind integration with Moving Soma

Welcome to ‘The Centre for Embodiment and Somatic Movement Education & Therapy’. We provide sessions by specialist practitioners in the field of Somatic Movement Dance Education & Therapy.

Enhance human function and body-mind integration with Moving Soma

What is Moving Soma? In the words of their website: “welcome to the centre for Bio-Somatic dance movement Naturotherapy”. It is a centre is where Somatic dance movement therapy is practiced, with the purpose of enhancing human function and mind-body integration through movement awareness. This practice combines experiential anatomy and physiology, dance and the embodied arts to bring awareness to the physiological self-regulatory intelligence of the human body. Somatic movement educators and therapists work sensitively and gently with the human body, acknowledging that movement affects dimensions of psyche and spirit. Practice facilitates improved vitality, creativity and easeful movement functioning. The centre also trains students to become therapists through a two-year training course and offers PhD programmes in Somatic Movement with The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. The centre is associated with ‘The International Somatic Movement Education & Therapy Association’ (ISMETA), based in the USA. ISMETA is the regulatory body for this therapeutic field.

What does Bio-somatic dance movement therapy achieve?

Once again, we can find the answers on the website. Somatic dance movement therapy has an international scope of practice – practitioners are found working world-wide & moving soma trains practitioners:

  • Recognise habitual patterns of perceptual, postural and movement interaction with the environment
  • Improve movement coordination that supports structural, functional and expressive integration
  • Experience an embodied sense of vitality and create both meaning for and enjoyment of life
  • Focus on the body both as an objective physical process and as a subjective process of lived consciousness
  • Refine perceptual, kinesthetic, proprioceptive, and interoceptive sensitivity that supports homeostasis, co-regulation, and neuroplasticity

What have people learnt?

Several informative videos, as well as some lectures can be found on the website of Moving Soma. In addition, a series of testimonials of first timers and frequent attendees will show you how satisfied people seem to be by the sessions that they take part in. People are happy about the fact that as they learn more about their body and how it functions, they seem to be able to exert better control over it.

Session pictures available on the website as well as some drawings of human anatomy show what kind of activities and learnings people do while at Moving Soma.

On the website there is a page dedicated to published research supporting the benefits of taking part in Bio-somatic dance movement therapy, for anyone who would like to check the findings behind the practice. Because the therapy is under-pinned by physiology and peer reviewed research, it is growing as a field of study and training in the UK. People find it releasing to re-connect with their bodies again especially after years of stress and dissociation. You can read about the work through peer reviewed published articles.

How can I learn more?

More on the subject as well as information to get in touch are all available on the website here at:


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