A Guarantee Of Quality And Durability With Landmark Windows

Landmark windows specialises in the manufacture, repair and restoration of traditional sash windows, casement windows, door, stairs and all other bespoke joinery. In their own words, the company has a long established experience of commercial joinery, has outstanding projects across retail, healthcare and leisure, they can also create things that are traditional or modern, from refurbs to restoration. This all comes with Fensa certification and a 10 year Guarantee insurance backed by the Consumer Protection Association. Below will be listed in more details the services for which Landmark can be called upon to realise.

Quality windows

The team at Landmark windows & joinery are specialists in the manufacture of replacement sash and casement windows. Some of the plusvalues of their service with regards to windows will be listed here. They will work on tailor made windows, in order to match every detail of the home’s existing ones if required, all while providing extra thermal efficiency. These new windows increase the sellability of a home, especially when matching with previous windows. It gives a bump up to the quality and durability of the home, making them meet up-to-date building regulations. This of course makes the home more environmentally friendly given that in terms of longevity, wooden windows offer greater time resistance and offer better maintenance options.

Expect a thermal upgrading of your home as beauty is maintained: more thermal efficiency when replicating existing casements and sash windows. When replacing the single glazed sashes, Landmark windows can also have double glazed sashes set to replace the old ones. This is the right company to call for when dealing with sensitive conservation areas since their experience in doing so ensures your peace of mind when the time for the wooden windows upgrade comes to pass.

Custom-fit doors

The expert team of joiners are specialists in tailor-made hardwood doors for period properties. Landmark offers tailor-made doors to suit the period character of the property. They will use traditional joinery techniques combined with modern state of the art equipment to bring a quality finished product. Internal hardwood doors can be manufactured and designed to suit every taste and preferred style, matching your requirements. For external doors, you can have one made specifically to your taste or have a replica of the original.

Bespoke Joinery

With over 30 years of experience, Landmark is able to design, handcraft and manufacture a multitude of joinery pieces that you may need. This includes showpiece stair to suit your home, elegant kitchens that are designed with functionality in mind and set a perfect ambiance, or even luxurious cupboards to match your high standards.

How can I learn more about Landmark Windows & Joinery?

All of these services and more are explained in greater detail and provided alongside contact information that is available on Landmark Windows & Joinery’s website cited below:


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