Stuck at home? Change the energy and stay on top with Petaltones

Petaltone Essences offer several ways that we can change and manage the energy in our home. We can clear the build up of stale energies that accumulate as a result of being ‘stuck’ there for too long, and we can also bring in some of the energies of Nature to refresh and enhance the vibes. We can also enhance our own personal connection to more spiritual levels, from whence we can find the strength to deal with challenges.’Space Clearing’ is what we call the cleansing of the energy environment in a room. Over time there will be an accumulation of atmospheres on several levels, for example emotional mood levels, thought forms and metal levels. The problem with ignoring this is that the relationship to our energy environment is symbiotic: we both contribute to it and are affected by it, in ways that are often not conscious. Over time this can infect our moods and our mental functionality, potentially dragging us down.Check out our range of Space Clearing essences that make it possible for anyone to effectively cleanse the energy in their home.  

If you like essential oils then we also sell a range of our essences that are blended together with specific essential oils, these may be found on our ‘New essences’ page here. Our aura essences are applied via evaporation from the hands in to the personal aura, they may also be used in a bath!

You may also be interested in our Aura Protection range that help you to stay focused and hold your boundaries in any situation

Check out our information page to find out the best ways to use our products, and to see many more of the things they can do to enhance your life during these challenging times!

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