The Quinta da Côrte, where nature meets luxury

Do you want to experience a luxurious stay in the heart of North Portugal’s most scenic landscapes? Then the Quinta da Côrte is for you. It is a 19th century quinta in the vineyards of Portugal that boasts panoramic landscapes, an infinity pool and luxury rooms. If you don’t know what a quinta is, it roughly translates to a large house or estate in the countryside, typically in Portugal or Portuguese-speaking countries, often where wine is harvested. The Quinta da Côrte is located on the Douro river in Northern Portugal, surrounded by vineyards.

Where did it all begin?

The Quinta da Côrte started off producing grapes and wines that they would sell to local port producers back in the 19th century. A family-run business, it functioned solely as a provider of grapes, rather than a producer of its own wines, despite an excellent quality of grape. However, it all changed in 2012 when Philippe Austruy, who owned a number of domaines, acquired and renovated the space with the intention of converting it into a producer of the highest quality wines and a luxury hotel.

Now, after substantial investment, the terrain boasts some of the finest wines in the region. In fact, they participated in the Portugal Wine Week 2020, where they were able to spread the word of their produce to an international audience. The Quinta is managed by a team of experts in the field who ensure that they only produce the highest quality wines.

What’s on offer?

Located in the rich wine region of Northern Portugal, the Quinta offers elegant red wines and ports. Despite being a challenging climate in which to harvest grapes due to huge seasonal variations, the wine that is produced is of the highest quality. With 24 hectares of land, the terrain produces a wide variety of different vines that are carefully looked after and harvested by the quinta’s staff. Of the hundreds of grapes on offer of the Douro variety, the Quinta da Côrte preserves around 40 to make the finest wines.

Not only does the Quinta provide a range of quality wines and ports, there is also a wide touristic offering. With a few rooms available, an experience of the highest quality is on offer. The ‘Casa’ has 8 rooms available and has incredible views of the valley. There is also a restaurant with homemade foods and antique furnishings. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Quinta da Côrte is a luxurious space that has been curated by Pierre Yovanovitch, an internationally renowned architect who combined local materials and his unique vision to create the site as it exists today. As well as this, you can discover the immense landscapes that the valley has to offer. From a cruise on the Douro river, to walks in the vineyards, to wine tasting sessions, there’s something for you here. 

The Quinta da Côrte also constantly provides events and programmes for visitors. Here you can check out all their latest news and events, such as the harvest of Quinta da Côrte, where you can harvest grapes yourself!

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