Engineering is not just a profession it’s lifestyle for Karno Energy

Who is Karno Energy?

Karno Energy Company offers an extensive approach towards engineering systems design using renewable energy and advanced BIM (building information modelling) technology for construction. Their company contains an array of engineering and science experts. Karno Energy and its employers believe in “green energy” and apply it so they can solve difficult problems relating to a wide variety of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and plumbing design problems. Karno Energy provides high-quality engineering solutions to meet each individual client’s requirements. The company offers a variety of services that range from building services engineering, architecture engineering and structural engineering to BIM services. These services benefit all clients, whether these are architects or building owners.

More about Karno Energy

Karno Energy understands the viewpoint of their customers and architects, their engineering projects are exemplar in regards of energy efficiency and aesthetic presentation. Karno Energy knows that every project is unique and requires thorough research. For this reason, all the latest technology is used for 3D analysis such as Revit, Navisworks and many more. Karno Energy often participates in international projects from a distance and coordinates these by using BIM modelling combined with Revit + Navisworks. This ensures that the company’s work is thoroughly tested, guaranteeing high quality of decisions. Karno Energy has collaborated with happy customers worldwide, from London to Australia.

What is the BIM Model?

The Building Information Model is a modern strategy of construction design that integrates each component into a reliable toolkit. The BIM’s biggest advantage is its ability to interconnect elements, meaning when a parameter of a BIM model is changed, every associated object changes automatically too. It essentially creates a unified space for professionals from a variety of fields to access.

Why choose Karno Energy?

Karno Energy achieves the best results by intertwining a modern design and a well-organised coordination with all participants in the construction. The company’s philosophy is to apply manufacturability, durability, efficiency and reliability to all modern designs. Karno Energy’s team adapts to all client’s needs, whether these include traditional or innovative approaches. The company always strives to implement technologies that upgrade human comfort, providing a high level of satisfaction by using the best solutions within short deadlines. Karno Energy’s services, such as the BIM approach, benefits all clients, whether these are architects or building owners. They offer services and expertise in several different fields, such as mechanical engineering, public health engineering, electrical engineering and fire engineering.

How can I learn more?

To learn more about Karno Energy and their high-quality engineering services, visit the website linked below, where you’ll also find a portfolio with a variety of successful case studies from clients around the World, such as the Sainsbury’s project in London, the Aurelia project in Australia or the Fährhaus Hotel project in Germany. Karno Energy’s website also contains a blog section where you’ll find further articles on subjects such as Green BIM, Ecological designs and the process of regenerating reusable wastewater. Check out their website here:

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