The Innovative And Eco-Friendly Designs Of Mbloc

The Innovative And Eco-Friendly Designs Of Mbloc

So what is MBloc? A steel framed & timber panelled, eco friendly building that utilises sustainable materials in a simplified manner, aiming to meet the demands of modern day society. This allows efficiency both for the developer and client during the construction phase, and the long term low running costs for the owner who lives or works there.

Through combining all of these aspects in their builds, they have been able to develop a building with an A rated SAP calculation – proving the most efficient kind of building.

This company works on very creative and eco friendly small houses that are all made out of sustainable materials and are focused on being low priced and very efficient. They also have a showhome that you can visit to get an idea of what it is you can expect by using MBloc’s services.

Delivering care solutions for all

Unlike traditional builds, Mbloc’s internal layouts can be personally designed to meet each client’s individual requirements, making the designs highly unique in their adaptability. Each unit also incorporates a substantial level of insulation and comprises eco-friendly components, resulting in an energy-efficient and cost-efficient property for the client.

Having already designed a new concept system to tackle the ever-increasing demand for affordable housing, Mbloc has now set its sights on the care sector. The forward-thinking company has created six concept designs that focus solely on the care society, pioneering practical living solutions for those with additional needs. The care sector has developed rapidly in recent years, and the demand for flexible living options is set to grow as they look to the future. With UK adults living longer lives, quality care is a pressing concern – but care homes aren’t suitable for everyone, and many people prefer to continue living independently rather than moving into residential care facilities.

Mbloc Care Suites can be designed and adjusted based on each client’s needs and specifications, taking into consideration a variety of conditions such as being bed bound or bariatric. The larger Mbloc Care Suites have been designed to accommodate live-in carers or partners and spouses, enabling clients to maintain a full and independent life. This level of flexibility is useful for all homeowners, but is particularly crucial for those living with full-time care needs. Mbloc’s flexible designs allow clients to shape their new home around their needs, adding practical features such as ceiling hoists, wet rooms and wheel-chair friendly kitchens. The company’s adaptable units help clients to create a tailor-made home that works for them, fulfilling their care needs whilst also affording them the comfort and independence of having their own personal space. What’s more, the internal layout of each unit is easily altered, so clients are able to adapt their space to suit their ongoing needs and evolving requirements.

Another unique aspect of Mbloc’s builds is their speed of construction. Each Mbloc unit takes between 5 to 8 weeks to complete, and can also be constructed in restricted, land-locked areas with minimal ground disturbance. All Mbloc builds come with a structural 10-year warranty, ensuring unparalleled peace of mind and giving customers confidence in their new property.

Why Mbloc and how can I learn more?

With minimised logistics and impressive timescales, MBloc’s eco-friendly and sustainable building methods reduce costs without reducing quality. MBloc re-writes the rule book when it comes to building in previously unachievable locations, needing access only via a front-door or passageway. Sustainability is of the highest importance to all MBloc builds, achieving an eco-friendly solution through cutting-edge technology and materials.

MBloc’s dedicated team is on hand to provide any additional information or answer any questions you may have. Call today or get in touch via their contact page to arrange a viewing of their showhome or to find out more. The head office and showhome are based in Sudbury, Suffolk and they are able to make on-site visits to provide more information. The site is listed below.

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