Take a look at the wide range of Mon Pote products that will brighten up your life!

An overview of Mon Pote

Mon Pote is an independent lifestyle store situated in Bristol. They sell a variety of affordable gifts as well as decorative home accessories. They have products for both adults and kids. Their goal is to bring some happiness and inspiration to customers. They do so by providing a range of beautiful products in a variety of European styles from Mid-Century Bohemian, to Minimalist and Nordic. Mon Pote sells a lot of different products, from stationary to home accessories or even jewelry and skincare. They also have an online shop where you can browse for yourself or for gifts.

Mon Pote, as you may or may not already know is a French term, translating to ‘my buddy’, or ‘my friend.’ The business tries to encapsulate and provide positive support to their customers. They also try and make the shopping experience as enjoyable as possible with tailored staff advice.
The company’s products are carefully picked from local as well as European makers and suppliers, with many brands originating from Scandinavia.

What can I buy at Mon Pote?

With over sixty brands available you will be assured to find something you want to purchase, whether it is for you or a gift for someone else. Some of the brands available are Big Metal London, Heico, Jade Fisher, Petit Monkey and Umage. If you are looking for something a little more festive, Mon Pote also stocks products depending on the season.

Additionally, if you are looking for a gift and are not sure what to buy, you have the option of purchasing an online gift voucher. These vary in price, starting from £5 and going up to £100, if you are feeling more generous. You also have the option to purchase gift vouchers in the shop itself, in Bristol.

The variety of products available at Mon Pote

Whether browsing in the shop or on the Mon Pote website, you will find a range of home accessories, jewellery and skincare , stationary, season products as well as kids’ products. Below are some ideas of what you can purchase, but if you want to find out more visit the link at the bottom of the page.

For home accessories, you will find an array of rugs, baskets, hooks and wall decorations. With a rug you can help create a focal point to a room and even bring it together. With the contemporary designs on offer for rugs you will be able to bring some warmth and flair to any room.

For skincare you will find a large selection of soaps, masks and more to take care of yourself. Available are also bath soaks and other organic and bamboo products.

Where can I find out more about Mon Pote and see their products?

To see the list of products available, visit the link below. Here you will be able to buy gift vouchers, order a gift or even a little something for yourself. To find out more about Mon Pote and their shop visit the following link: http://monpote.co.uk/

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