This minute taking expert will deliver concise, accurate and impartial records
for your meetings

National Minute Taking Service – Professional, Impartial and comprehensive Minute Taking Service. Experienced minute takers Available UK wide.

The Minute Takers

Oasis Minute Taking is a service that specialises in delivering records for your meetings.

What is their mission statement?

They know how important business meetings can be and how distracting it can be for attendees to have to remember everything that is being said.

Oasis Minute Taking commits to having someone from their team of experts in your meeting to take care of recording the discussions and topics covered. That way you can be at peace that nothing that goes on in the meeting will be forgotten or overlooked.

After attending the meeting, the minute-taker will provide a thorough and concise record of the meeting and its key points.

In order to do so, they are devoted to paying close attention to the discussions during the meeting and writing fast and quality notes all throughout the time of the business meeting.

Why you need them

Hiring a minute-taker can greatly help your company in different ways.

First: it helps you save a lot of time and money having to ask someone from inside your personnel to attend the meeting and write a quality report.

Second, it brings you a peace of mind to know that everyone at the meeting will be able to solely focus on the meeting alone and not on what to write down to create a quality report.

Their team is filled with experienced and trained professional minute-takers. They can get to you wherever you are, all over the UK. They can be there during regular business hours or outside of those if need be.

The size or length of the meeting doesn’t matter to them, they can perform well either way and are accustomed to all sorts of business reunions.

During the pandemic, Oasis Minute Taking has been able to adapt to the business world and the current situation. They are fully equipped to perform in virtual meetings.

What kind of meetings do they attend?

They specialize in business meetings, which means all types of meetings happening in an office in the workplace.

Such as:

  • HR meetings
  • Videoconferences and virtual meetings
  • Boards meeting
  • Sports and charities

Where to find them

You can contact them if you need a quote. They will gladly inform you and you only need to give them these information:

  • the date of the meeting you’d like them to attend
  • the time of the meeting
  • the location (if meeting is on site)
  • the number of attendees to the meeting so they can estimate time and the type of meeting it will be

They are available on weekends as well.
Call them at this number below:
(+44) 01792 417000
Or send them an email:

Try your best to book as much in advance as possible to make sure you get the best possible experience.
For more information check out their website:

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