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JTP the International Placemaking Practice

JTP is an international placemaking practice. Their experienced architects, masterplanners and placemakers have produced many projects across both the private and public sectors. JTP has two studios, one in London and the other in Edinburgh, but has worked around the UK as well as in Europe, Russia, China and the Middle East.

JTP has projects of all sizes, from individual buildings to cities and towns. Whether it is building new places or regenerating old ones, JTP does it. The practice has won over 200 design awards in the last 20 years for their work. Along with many other accolades and nominations, they were also recently named as one of the 100 Best Small Companies to Work For in 2020 by the Sunday Times.

Community Planning at JTP

JTP has been responsible for hundreds of community engagement events throughout the UK and internationally over the past twenty-five years. These events have been undertaken with public, private and third sector organisations, involving hundreds, sometimes thousands, of local people and stakeholders, including whole town visioning, garden villages, urban extensions, estate regeneration, city centre and other urban projects. These events are crucial to building a collaborative vision with the very people who already live in the community and can share invaluable knowledge and feedback about what the local area truly needs.

JTP runs a multi-day Community Planning Weekend (CPW) and Charrette inviting local people to share their views, opinions and thoughts on the design process. The events are open and inclusive, intensive and iterative, building on work already done with the community and moving the concepts forward through co-design to create a consensual vision which sets out and illustrates the ideas and direction of travel. These events can be extremely adaptable and be programmed to suit different contexts, whether with both internal and external stakeholders or more family friendly events.

Community Engagement at Rugeley Power

This project is one of many that JTP has worked on. It involved transforming a former coal-fired power station into a modern and sustainable neighbourhood. The site is 139 hectares and was the home to a series of disused power stations. This site was an important part of the town providing many jobs and sports facilities, such as football and fishing clubs.

Key to ensuring the vision and proposals for the town met the needs of the community was a process of extensive community engagement. Working in close collaboration with the community and key stakeholders, they developed a proposal which creates up to 2,300 new dwellings, 1.2 ha of mixed-use leisure, retail and community spaces, up to 5 ha of employment, a new primary school and healthcare facilities. The proposal also creates a new 25-hectare public Riverside Park, accommodating opportunities for walking, cycling and informal play; delivering enhanced areas of biodiversity and wildflower meadows whilst providing access to part of the River Trent that has been inaccessible for decades.

Where can I learn more about JTP and their work?

In order to find out more information regarding JTP’s services visit the website below. Here you will find more information about what projects they are currently designing, as well as those that they have completed. On this website you will also learn more about JTP’s community engagement process. For more information follow the link here:

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