4 ways to save money during a removal

Are there many more stressful things than house removal? Especially, considering the financial side of it. There are lots of costs to be worried about during a removal. One of them is hiring a moving company. Is it possible to organise a cheaper removal but still with good quality service? Yes! Here are 4 tips on how to make your removal more affordable.

1- Choose the right date of the removal

It may be convenient to move during the weekend. However, it usually makes the service more pricey. So if it is possible, try to schedule the removal during working days.

2- Rethink what you really need to take with you

Removal is the best moment to reconsider which of your belongings are essential to you. The weight of your moving is a very important factor in the final price of removal. Focus especially on furniture – they require the most space in the van. Maybe it will be a great time to sell or donate some furniture? Also, it may be helpful to get rid of some old clothes on selling platforms. Nowadays, there are lots of ways to give your belongings a new life and therefore save some money during a removal.

3- Take care of loading and unloading on your own

You can exclude loading and unloading from carriers duties. However, loading your whole home furnishing on your own can turn your moving day into a nightmare. Transport companies have lots of experience in moving different types of objects. Doing it on your own can results in damages of house appliances or other valuable and fragile items.

4- Use transport marketplace to compare removal companies’ quotes

Online transport marketplaces are the best solution to find trust-worthy carriers with good prices. They offer access to thousands of transport providers that give you quotes and compete for your transport job. You don’t have to search for transport providers on your own then call them or email asking for a price for their service. Marketplaces just give you access to all of that in one place. They’re like Uber but for loads.

One of the popular transport marketplaces is Clicktrans.com. At Clicktrans getting quotes is free. Carriers at Clicktrans are verified so a user can find reliable service at a better price. Shipping is possible on both national and international roads.

Prices offered by carriers on marketplaces are usually lower than on regular basics because transport marketplaces help to find a company that is already making the same route. Thanks to that they can offer a better price and take your items as an extra load. It helps to save up to 60% on transport.

Here is an example of the more affordable moving service alternative found on Clicktrans:

Removal from Oxford to Aberdeen cost £180. The average cost of moving from England to Scotland is £500-1000.

There are lots of factors that define the final moving price. That is actually great news because most of the factors depend on you! Well-done planning of house or apartment moving will definitely make the whole process easier and less expensive.

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