The current Mbloc designs and projects that are changing the way we build

Who are they and what do they do?

MBloc is a new concept company that works with successful and professional builders who have over 30 years experience in their field. Their focus is on building in a simplified manner and by using sustainable materials. Their designs incorporate steel and timber panels.

Mbloc is aiming to change the building industry. Their objective is to do so all while using as many renewable resources and sustainable materials as possible.

Mbloc has worked on reducing their carbon footprint, by adapting their methods and carefully choosing their materials. They are more efficient in their construction approach as well as in choosing their sources of energy for the build.

What are the advantages of this type of build?

One of the main benefits of Mbloc is that they are able to construct in what many would consider restricted access areas. They have the ability to construct on almost any space all while keeping the ground disturbance to a minimum. This opens an opportunity for many who struggled getting their dream build due to certain space or ground issues.

Another advantage for a client who chooses Mbloc is the long term low running costs of the building. They have the ability to develop buildings with an A rated SAP calculation, in other words they are the most efficient kind of building. They are also sustainable and eco friendly build, which means a major reduction in the carbon footprint.

Their latest concept buildings also come with a 10 year warranty and are also maintenance free. These can be built in just 8 weeks from the place of order.

What kind of builds are available?

Mbloc can provide either standard designs or personalised ones based on your needs. All sorts of builds are available, from a home to more bespoke designs such as garden gyms or studios as well as waterfront homes and woodland lodges.

Another type of build they focus on are care builds. Mboc has designed 6 concepts that focus specifically on the care society, those with additional care needs. Mbloc have made these builds personalisable from the inside depending on the clients specific requirements. All these designs can be highly tailored depending on the condition of the client, whether it is the inside layout or design.

How can I learn more about this type of build?

On Mbloc’s website you can find an array of different designs, both concept and completed projects as well a their tailored care suites. On here you will also find information about their showhome as well as the advantages to these types of builds. To learn more about Mbloc, visit there website here:

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