Let in the Light & Shut Out the Cold With Landmark Windows

Let in the Light & Shut Out the Cold With Landmark Windows

As passionate as we are about helping you to find the perfect energy supplier for your needs and budget, we understand that when it comes to driving down your energy bills, your supplier is only one piece of the puzzle. Admittedly, they’re a fairly large piece. But even if you’re on a great energy plan, you can still spend more on the energy you use than you should if you haven’t invested in energy efficiency.

And it’s clear to see that your windows can either make or break your home’s energy efficiency rating. In fact, it’s estimated that around 10% of the heat loss in your home comes from windows. Meaning that the energy you’re paying for is quite literally drifting out of the window. Fortunately, our friends at Landmark Windows can provide all your fenestration needs in London and surrounding areas. Take a look at their website, and you can see they offer a great range of services. Whatever your home aesthetic, or personal tastes, they can provide the perfect windows for you.

High quality windows

When replacing your windows, there’s usually something of a balancing act between energy efficiency and aesthetic. And if your home is a little older, it may seem like your options are far more limited.

Not so with Landmark Windows! They specialise in sash and casement windows so that you don’t have to substitute the beauty and character of your home for practicality and energy efficiency.

Landmark Windows are completely tailor made to your specifications, with nary an inch of UPVC in sight. Landmark Windows use only the highest-quality Sapele hardwood, coated with Sikkens microporous paint for superior durability.

As well as improving your home’s energy efficiency, they can aid soundproofing, increase security and even add to the value and salability of your home.

Custom fit doors

Landmark Windows don’t just replace your windows, they are also highly experienced in fitting beautiful, sturdy, secure and energy efficient doors. Made using the highest quality materials and components and constructed using state-of-the-art technologies. And, of course, custom fit to your home.

Whether you need new doors for internal or external use, you won’t find a higher standard of craftsmanship.


Older properties are full of beauty and character. But irritating draughts can undo all of your best efforts when it comes to making your beautiful home more energy-efficient. Fortunately, our friends at Landmark Windows offer a full English Heritage-approved draughtproofing service to eliminate unwelcome chills from your home.

From painstaking sash window repairs to smoothing services that make windows easier to operate and all kinds of general repair and maintenance tasks, you won’t need to shudder when walking past your windows ever again!

Landmark Windows are FENSA registered, and CPA approved, with over 30 years’ experience.

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