Moving to 100% Electric Motorised Vehicles

Within decades, we’ll switch entirely to electric motorised vehicles. But in the meantime, Pollution Solution has a clever way to deal with road emissions!

Moving to 100% Electric Motorised Vehicles

We’re absolutely crazy about green energy suppliers. We can’t recommend them enough to the people who use our service every day. No matter what energy plan is perfect for their needs, they can virtually always find a 100% renewable equivalent. Usually, one that can save them even more money. But a green energy tariff is only one way to reduce your household’s carbon footprint. Many of us are considering switching to an electric vehicle to cut down on their greenhouse gas emissions (and reduce their vehicle running costs). But buying an electric car is a costly and logistically tricky process.

Fortunately, our friends at Pollution Solution have a system that can help us to drive down our vehicle emissions in the interim. And we think you might like to learn more about it…

What is Pollution Solution?

Pollution Solution is a simple system that removes airborne vehicle pollution from roadways. You can see it by taking a look at their website. The system utilises low energy fans and carefully positioned channels to suck in harmful vehicle exhaust fumes and prevent them from causing damage to the atmosphere, the health of nearby pedestrians and car occupants. Slow moving or stationary vehicles straddle the channels and the exhaust fumes are sucked into them. The fumes pass through a series of filters which are housed in a roadside cabinet along with a suction fan, the air that leaves the cabinet is cleaned to a level of 99%.

It can be used in both the private and public sectors, and is built into the roadway outside of schools, at traffic light junctions, roundabout approaches, fast food drive thru lanes and anywhere there is congestion.

Why is it important to transition away from fossil fuels?

The emissions from vehicle fossil fuels are damaging to the environment and the ozone layer. They’re also seriously damaging to our health, causing around 5% of all deaths worldwide. In fact, Public Health England estimates that unless we take action to reverse the levels of vehicle pollution on our roads, by 2035 it could lead to a cost of around £18.6 billion to our NHS and social care services.

By the middle of the next decade, we could see up to 2.5 million new cases of numerous serious illnesses from heart disease and strokes to asthma and lung cancer unless we do something about the issue of vehicle pollution.

Why is Pollution Solution a great interim measure?

The U.K. will stop selling new diesel and petrol ( gasoline ) cars and vans from 2030 under plans announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. In the meantime, however, there are a lot of cars driving through our major conurbations emitting harmful and deadly fumes. It’s estimated that 97% of the world’s population live in areas where pollution levels exceed safe limits.

The biggest problem in our cities is that slow and stationary vehicles create high volumes of emissions throughout the day, putting drivers, children, pedestrians and cyclists at the highest level of risk.

Pollution Solution is… well… a solution for this!

It’s strategic placement could help to mitigate the levels of air pollution in our cities, driving down airborne pollution by up to 97& where the system is deployed. It could be exactly the interim measure the world needs while we complete our transition to exclusively using electric vehicles.

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