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The functions of the sun’s rays are not only to get a nice tan in the summer. They can be used to capture energy as well, for your home. Solar energy, particularly at Solar Synergy, can help you reduce your carbon footprint and is an affordable way to live sustainably.

What is solar energy?

In short, Solar energy is a renewable energy source that converts energy into the sun into energy for our homes and businesses.

Currently, solar energy is the third biggest renewable energy source in the UK after wind farming and biomass (which uses the chemical energy from natural processes). Although some energy suppliers incorporate solar power as part of their energy mix, most in the UK leverage solar power in a different way. By installing solar panels on the roof of their home or business, energy consumers can supplement the energy from the National Grid with energy that they generate themselves.

There are two kinds of energy that can be generated from solar power— electricity and heat energy for your water supply or indoor air. The sun is an enormous source of energy. In fact, in just a single hour, the sun radiates enough energy to power the whole world’s electricity needs for a year.

Even on cloudy, rainy or overcast days, the sun can produce more than enough energy to help power our homes.

What types of solar power services does Solar Synergy provide?

Now that you know the benefits of solar power, it is important to know what kind of solar power panels there are to choose from and how to install them. The experts at Solar Synergy provide three types of solar panel installations, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Roof Mounted and In roof solar panels
  2. Off grid systems
  3. Ground mounted solar panels

Why should you choose the experts at Solar Synergy for solar power related installations?

Because they offer a 12 year manufacturer’s warranty for all their installations. Additionally, they offer the following personal benefits from installing solar power in your home:

  1. Generate your own free green energy
  2. Complete solar integration
  3. Battery, energy,viability
  4. Car charging, app interfaces
  5. Insulate yourself from rising fuel prices

What other services and products does Solar Synergy provide?

At Solar Synergy, they provide services apart from solar power installation such as:

  1. Ground mount systems
  2. Commercial projects
  3. Residential projects
  4. Battery storage

The following are the products that Solar Synergy Provides:

  1. Twelve year manufacturer warranty
  2. Top quality solar panels
  3. Solar edge optimised inverters
  4. Solar Panels

How do I obtain additional information on Solar Synergy?

  1. Call us on 0800 160 1989 or Mobile 07717 861989
  2. Order a site survey
  3. We supply a free no-obligation quotation
  4. We install your solar system
  5. We assist you with the completion of the feed-in tariff forms

If you would like even more information on the services that the people at Solar Synergy provide, check out their website here.

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