Trust Hiskins Electrical Services With All Your Electrical Needs in Your New House

Want to get the best out of your new home? Hiskins Electrical Services can make your new house shine with a wide range of electrical solutions!

Trust Hiskins Electrical Services With All Your Electrical Needs in Your New House

Your new home is amazing. But it could be even better, with the help of a trusted electrician. We tend to associate electrical services with repairs and maintenance. And while these services are certainly important for your new house, they’re really just the tip of the iceberg. An electrical services provider can help improve your security, reduce your energy bills, and make your home’s electrical setup safer and more efficient. The key is finding a local electrician that you can trust.

Based in Barwell, Leicestershire Hiskins Electrical Services offer an impressive range of electrical services that can make your new home truly shine. You can take a look at their website here. They’re Stroma certified, Bark certificate of excellence winners, and recommended by As well as offering household electrical services, they can also offer commercial and industrial solutions. Here are some of the services they offer that can benefit your new house…

Electrical installation condition reports

Sometimes an electrical installation condition report is necessary when buying or selling a new home. Hiskins Electrical Services can give you the peace of mind and reassurance you need when moving into your new home. So you know everything there is to know about your new home’s electrical setup.

Full rewire installs

Sometimes a new home needs a little TLC before it’s ready for you to move in. Hiskins Electrical offers full rewire installs for properties that need extensive rewiring work. So you can move in safely with the knowledge that your new home’s electrical plan is as safe, convenient and efficient as possible.

Security installations

You deserve to feel secure in your new home. Hiskins Electrical can help by installing discreet yet effective security solutions. These can be monitored remotely, so you can get peace of mind, no matter where you are.

Plinth and underfloor heating

Make uncomfortable cold floors a thing of the past in your new home! Hiskins Electrical can install underfloor or plinth heating to maximise comfort in your new home. So you can walk barefoot on your flooring in total comfort, even on cold winter mornings.

Lighting systems

Lighting your home is essential… but spending a fortune on lighting it certainly isn’t. Hiskins Electrical can design and install energy-efficient lighting systems using LED lamps. Combined with the right energy supplier (that’s where we come in) this can make for powerful energy savings.

Entertainment and connectivity

Finally, Hiskins Electrical can implement all kinds of entertainment and connectivity solutions so you can enjoy your favourite content, no matter where in the home you are. From network cabling and Wi-Fi signal enhancement to aerial cabling, and even bathroom TV and audio installations.

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