Interested in Underfloor Insulation? Q-Bot Can Help You

Tired of stepping on freezing cold floors and feeling draughts on your toes? Check out Q-Bot’s advanced underfloor insulation system

Technology is our greatest ally in helping us to live more sustainably and save money on our energy bills. Smart thermostats, advanced boilers, all  sorts of sensors and the ability to switch our energy plans over the internet have allowed us to assert more control over our energy bills, and help to conserve the environment by using less energy. In this post, however, we’d like to spotlight an energy-saving solution that sounds like it might be at home in an episode of The Jetsons.

Q-Bot: How it Works

Most of us know about loft and cavity wall insulation. But surprisingly few of us are familiar with the prospect of underfloor insulation. If you’re tired of getting out of bed and wincing when your feet touch the icy floor, Q-Bot’s clever service is for you. Q-Bot was developed in response to a growing need for affordable underfloor insulation with minimal disruption to households living in the house. For people whose homes have suspended floors Q-Bot is a game-changer.

Typically, traditional methods involve ripping up floorboards, creating disruption and adding to labour time (and costs). Instead, Q-Bot uses remote-controlled robots, deployed through a small opening made in your suspended floor, to distribute underfloor insulation. This ensures a hassle-free installation.

Leveraging this technology makes underfloor insulation easier to install, better-performing, and more affordable.

The benefits of Q-Bot

Q-Bot is BBA accredited, and has received multiple awards from the sustainability and construction sectors. This means the installation of underfloor insulation is completely accredited, accountable, and affordable for households that could not otherwise bear the expense and disruption of installing underfloor insulation.

It carries a range of benefits, including…

Save on your heating bills

We’re obsessed with helping energy consumers reduce their energy bills. That’s why we were delighted to learn that Q-Bot can help energy consumers to reduce their annual energy bills by around 16% (£150) every year. Energy Saving Trust has recently verified their energy savings claims.

Reduce carbon emissions

Not only can Q-Bot help you save money, it can also help you to save the planet. By using less natural gas to heat your home, you’re preventing more carbon dioxide from entering our atmosphere. Q-Bot can reduce your carbon emissions by up to 16%.

How Q-Bot makes your flooring more comfortable

Say goodbye to tiptoeing across freezing floors. Underfloor insulation makes your flooring feel warmer and more comfortable underfoot. So you no longer have to sacrifice a great look for warmth and comfort.

Q-Bot going above and beyond with over a thousand happy customers

Q-Bot’s solution may be quite new but it’s far from being untested. In fact, the company has already insulated more than a thousand properties across the country, benefitting thousands of happy customers. All of whom get to enjoy lower energy bills and toasty warm feet.

For more information, take a look at their website.

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