How CNC Searches can help you meet your due diligence requirements when moving house!

There are many administrative processes that need to be sorted when moving house. The conveyancing search specialists at CNC can help you with all of their processes. They assure fast conveyancing solutions for moving house among other things.

Who is CNC Searches?

Established in 2010, they are a COPSO registered company that offer fully insured conveyancing search solutions and services for both commercial and residential property transactions. Their aim is to provide a range of fast, professional and low-cost property services to solicitors, estate agents , homebuyers and all in need of administrative processes. They pride themselves as being a one-stop service provider for conveyancing services.

What services does CNC provide?

CNC provides three main services, including several subcategories. These include but are not limited to:

  1. Conveyancing searches
  2. Company searches
  3. Landlord/estate agency services.

Of course, these are just umbrella terms. Below we will go into more detail about CNC’s three main services.

What types of conveyancing searches does CNC Searches Ltd. conduct?

At CNC Searches Ltd., they provide the following conveyancing searches:

  1. Local Authority Searches- Used to provide a vast amount of information about a potential commercial property purchase.
  2. Drainage and Water Reports (residential or commercial)- Ensures the sewers, drains, and piping are being maintained by the local water company.
  3. Environmental Reports (residential or commercial) – Used to give you in-depth and historical information about a property.
  4. Chancel Reports (Chancel Check and Repairs) -Used to see if any part of your land can be used by the local community or if they have a right of access.

What types of company searches does CNC Searches Ltd. provide?

At CNC Searches Ltd., they provide the following company searches:

  1. Company and Director Credit Reports- conducted in order to understand the financial health that you would like to do business with, including the history of late payments and bankruptcy filings that the company might have.
  2. Full Company Search with Accounts- conducted in order to find out if the company wants to do business with is reliable and trustworthy.
  3. Dun and Bradstreet Company Search – conducted in order to find out if the company you would like to invest in are as trustworthy as they say they are.

What types of landlord/estate agency services does CNC Searches Ltd. provide?

At CNC Searches Ltd., they provide the following landlord/estate agency services:

  1. Credit and reference checks- for landlords or agents who are looking to find a financially reliable tenant.
  2. Express Tenant Reference Report- for landlords or agents who would like to know if the tenant is suitable for the property.
  3. Instant Credit Checks
  4. Gas Safety Certificates- for landlords who need their pipe-work safety tested.
  5. Electric Safety Certificates- for landlords who need their electrics are safety tested.

When moving house, it is equally important as a homeowner or tenant to make sure that all these tests are carried out before moving in. If you would like to know more information about CNC Searches Ltd. or would like contact them to partake in their services, visit their website here.

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