Looking For an Escape? Get One Now With TG Escapes Eco-Buildings!

Looking for an escape from the same old four walls? With innovative and eco-friendly bespoke buildings, TG Escapes can help you do exactly that!

Looking For an Escape? Get One Now With TG Escapes!

As much as we all love our homes, the same old hour walls can start to feel constrictive. Especially after a year of lockdown! The comfort of the familiarity of home, and the opportunity for self-expression can be dwarfed by the feeling of confinement that we’ve had to endure for so long. Now, as the country slowly but surely starts to return to normal, many of us are seeking an escape from the home. But what if we told you that you could have the best of both worlds, enjoying an elegant bespoke building that’s sustainably crafted and built entirely around your needs?
That’s exactly what TG Escape offer! You can take a look at their website by clicking here. As well as creating buildings for the commercial and educational sectors, TG Escapes also creates modular, sustainably constructed buildings for the garden. They can construct elegant and deeply individual spaces for a range of purposes…

Offices and studios

When your living space and your workspace converge, it can be hard to achieve that ever-elusive work / life balance. You can either struggle to focus because you’re at home, or feel as though you’re always at work. With a bespoke office space from TG Escapes, you can have a workspace that’s precision-engineered for productivity with ample natural light, security and comfort as well as the connectivity you need to be at your best. So you can get all the benefits of an office space without the overheads or commute. 

TG Escapes can also deliver creative studio spaces that can facilitate and inspire, allowing you to work in comfort surrounded by your own little slice of nature.


Working out at home can be limiting. But many of us are understandably dubious about rushing back into a crowded gym in the current climate. With a garden gym from TG escapes you can work out surrounded by your beautiful garden with the solitude and inspiration you need to achieve your goals. No need to worry about who’s snapped up the best parking spaces, or is taking forever on the elliptical machine. You can achieve your health and fitness goals without the barriers associated with conventional gyms.

Garden rooms and annexes

Of course, a garden building from TG Escapes doesn’t have to be a space in which you work or work out. It can also be a beautiful spot in which you can relax and unwind in the company of those closest to you. You can design and decorate your space however you like, and use it for pretty much anything. 

Take a look at TG Escapes, to build a beautiful space for any purpose you want in your back garden. It’s an affordable, versatile, unique and eco-friendly way to get away without even leaving your property. 

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