Thinking of Renovating Your New Home? Frontline Construction
Can Help

Your new home is packed with potential. Get in touch with Frontline Construction to get the most out of it with quality renovations built around your needs!

Whether you’re about to move into a new home or buying an investment property, a few carefully chosen renovations can make a world of difference. They can make your start in your new home even more pleasurable. They can breathe new life into the familiar, and allow you to make what’s good great, and what’s great perfect! What’s more, in an unstable property market, the renovations you make today can add to the value of your investment tomorrow. For investment properties, the right renovations can not only increase your potential rental income, they can also reduce the risk of your property being left vacant for months. Every landlord’s worst nightmare!

But the right renovations start with the right construction specialists. Which is why we’re delighted to recommend Frontline Construction based in Croydon and Bromley. They offer a comprehensive range of building, fitting and finishing services across the South East.

Let’s take a closer look…

Bathroom remodels

The bathroom is more than just the space where you wash. It should be a place of restful meditation, relaxation and quiet contemplation. So make sure yours shines! Frontline Construction offer end-to-end bathroom and wetroom renovations, combining outstanding technical proficiency in their plumbing with incredible design flair. So you can enjoy a precision-engineered and beautiful bathroom.

Kitchen renovations

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where delicious meals are created and shared. It’s where families gather and memories are made. The team at Frontline Construction can ensure that your new kitchen is not only dazzlingly beautiful, but neat and tidy with intelligent and elegant storage solutions. Not to mention installing smart kitchen appliances that improve energy-efficiency and drive down your gas and electricity bills.

Painting and decorating

Sometimes, you don’t need to make extensive renovations to get the most out of your new home. Sometimes all it takes is a lick of paint. Which is why Frontline Construction offers a painting and decorating service that helps you to bring new life to familiar spaces. Combining style and design panache with outstanding proficiency, they’re perfectly placed to bring your vision for your living space to life.

And all kinds of home improvements

Looking for someone you can trust to handle your repairs and maintenance as well as your renovations? Keeping your home in perfect shape is a marathon rather than a sprint. That’s why Frontline Construction offers a full complement of home improvement and repair services from plastering and painting to wiring, plumbing, drainage and heating services. There’s no job too big or too small for the team.

Consider Frontline Construction for all your construction needs in Croydon, South London and the South East. You can check out their website here

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