DGD Electrical: Manchester’s best qualified electricians

Are you looking for an experienced and qualified electrician in Greater Manchester? Look no further than DGD Electrical Installations

DGD Electrical: Manchester’s best qualified electricians

We’re always interested in sharing information about companies that are as dedicated to helping your household to master electricity as we are. Are you looking for someone to help you with your plug sockets in Swinton? Or your lighting in Levenshulme? Perhaps you need a helping hand with your wiring in Withington, or your some detector in Didsbury?  Whatever your electrical service needs in Greater Manchester, you need a skilled and experienced electrician in your address book. With 12 years’ experience in domestic commercial and industrial electrical installations, look no further than DGD Electrical Installations for all your electrical needs in the capital of the north! 

They can help you with all your electrical installation, maintenance, and testing issues. Click Here to take a look at their website. A reliable electrician is an extremely useful aid in keeping your home’s electrical infrastructure safe, efficient, and fit for purpose. 

Their range of services includes…

Kitchen and bathroom installations

DGD Electrical can assist in all kinds of electrical installations to help you live in greater comfort and convenience. From electrical power shower installations to electric cookers and other appliances like dishwashers, kitchen and bathroom installations are carried out to the very highest standards.

Alarms and security

Electricity can be a valuable ally in keeping your home, and everyone in it, safe. DGD Electrical can help with all kinds of alarms and security installations from smoke detectors and electric powered gate wiring to alarm and CCTV installations. Let the team at DGD help you keep what matters the most to you safe. 

Electrical heating and lighting

If your home doesn’t have a connection to the national gas grid, you’ll need the right electrical installations to heat your home economically. DGD Electrical can help with the planning and installation of all kinds of electric heating arrays. One of the most popular are electric storage heater systems. These generate heat when it’s at a cheaper Economy 7 rate and store it until you need it most. They can also assist in designing and installing LED lighting systems to help you to light your home more cost-effectively.

Electrical inspections and testing

Your electrical systems are just like any other part of your home. They are subject to wear and tear over the years. As such, they should be inspected and tested regularly. It’s recommended that your wiring and appliances are tested every 5 years. If you are a private landlord, an Electrical Installation Condition Report for your property is a legal requirement every 5 years as of 2021. 

DGD Electrical can help with all kinds of inspections and testing to ensure that your electrical infrastructure is as safe and efficient as possible. 

There’s no job too big or too small for the DGD team. If you need an electrical service that isn’t listed here, it’s still worth getting in touch with them. They offer a friendly and personal service that’s built around your household’s needs. 

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