A Panel of Electrical Experts are Awaiting Your Call!

Whether you’re a professional electrician or avid DIYer, you need quality electrical components. Check out Expert Electrical, wholesalers to trade and public!

A Panel of Electrical Experts are Awaiting Your Call

Good quality electrical work starts with the best quality components. Even the most skilled electrician cannot guarantee an installation’s safety and efficacy without good quality cabling, circuitry and other components. But getting these at competitive prices can be tricky if you’re not in the business. Fortunately, Expert Electrical provides good quality electrical components and cables of all kinds at trade prices, whether you’re a professional electrician or a skilled DIYer. 

You can Click Here to take a look at their selection. Stocking a range of reliable brands at trade prices, they have a comprehensive range of stock that includes…

Cables and accessories

From control and switchgear cables to data and alarm cases and general wiring, Expert Electrical has an excellent selection that should be more than adequate for your cabling needs. You’ll also find all kinds of glands and grommets, conduits, terminals and sleeving. You’ll also find a large selection of plastic and metal enclosures.

Everything you need for an installation that will stand the test of time.

Heating, lighting and ventilation

Whatever your heating and lighting needs, you’re likely to find what you’re after with Expert Electrical. Browse their website and you’ll find fan and convection heaters, cooling fans, panel heaters, oil-filled radiators and more. Not to mention all kinds of indoor and outdoor lighting solutions from LED strip lighting and emergency lighting to floodlights, photocells and PIR sensors.

Switches and sockets

Switches and sockets need to not only be fit for purpose, but match the interior or exterior of the property where they are installed. Expert Electrical has a wide range of domestic and industrial switches and sockets. Their range includes metal clad and white PVC switches and sockets, as well as back boxes, junction boxes, connectors and more.

Power, automation and circuit protection

Expert Electrical’s broad selection contains everything you need for home power and automation as well as a range of circuit protection products from circuit breakers and modular contractors to MCCBs and surge protectors. 

They also stock all kinds of safety relays, proximity sensors, power supplies and transformers.

Tools & hardware

Of course, a quality electrical installation needs reliable tools! Expert Electrical is a worthy resource for all your tool and hardware needs. You’ll find saws and files, cutters and pliers, drill bits, hole saws and arbors, chisels, wrecking bars and, of course, all kinds of screwdrivers. 

You’ll also find a large range of testing equipment so you can ensure that your installations are safe and fit for purpose. 

Expert Electrical also offers free delivery on all orders over £50 and 30 day returns on all items. Whatever the nature of your project, whether you’re a professional electrician or a gifted amateur, you’re likely to find everything you need in their generous selection.

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