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Anyone who’s used our service will tell you how passionate we are about helping energy consumers to save money on their bills. By finding the perfect energy plan for them, we help people save hundreds of pounds on their utilities every year. But as proud as we are of the service we offer, we’re always happy to welcome newcomers to the utility-comparison space.

We see British Utilities not as competitors, but as companions. We love how much they share our passion for helping UK households to save money on their utility bills and recommend you take a look at their website right here. Their offering is much like our own, helping you to save money on all your utility bills by comparing different suppliers and tariffs.

They can help you with…

Gas and electricity price comparison

As we’re always saying, many households up and down the country are massively overspending on their energy bills. Especially if they’ve been with the same supplier for years and years. The team at British Utilities can help you compare deals from gas and electricity suppliers of all shapes and sizes, helping you find the perfect supplier and tariff for your needs and budget. Including 100% renewable energy plans. So you can save money while saving the planet.

Business utilities

Households aren’t the only ones that can save big money on their utility bills. Businesses of all shapes and sizes can also improve their cash flow and reduce their operating costs by being proactive about switching energy providers. While business energy contracts are usually longer and more ironclad than household business energy, the team at British Utilities can help you choose the perfect energy plan for your company.

Water rate comparison

Under current legislation, households cannot change water suppliers. However, as of 2017, non-household customers in England are free to change their water and wastewater retailers. The British Utilities team are on hand to help you find the best water plans for your business or non-profit organisation.

Phone and broadband

Phone and broadband contracts are just like fixed-rate energy plans. Your rates are likely to go up significantly once your contract ends. British Utilities even has another brand, BUTelecoms, that can help you to find the perfect broadband and call packages for your home and business, as well as great TV, phone and broadband bundles.

Water and utility news

Like us, British Utilities likes to keep energy consumers informed with news, tips and advice that are directly relevant to their needs. Take a look at their helpful blog and use it to supplement ours in order to round out your knowledge of the energy industry and make better-informed choices as a consumer.

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