All in One: Get Different Insulations Solutions in One Shop!

Switching your energy supplier and tariff regularly can shave hundreds of pounds off your annual energy bill. But it’s by no means the only way you can save money on this monthly expense. Your insulation, for instance, can be a powerfully effective tool in lowering your heating bills. And if you’ve not inspected your insulation for some time, you could be letting the heat energy you’re paying for you drift up and away through your roofing.

If you see signs of wear, water damage or rodent infestation in your insulation, you’re most likely losing money on your heating costs. No matter how good your energy plan may be! There are all kinds of ways to insulate your home. With online stores like Insulation Bee, you can get a whole host of insulation solutions under one (virtual) roof. As well as expert advice for novice and veteran DIYers alike to help you with your installation.

Wall, floor and roof insulation

Insulation Bee is a good example of what you should be looking for in an online insulation merchant. They carry a range of insulation options for all over your home. There’s roof insulation for flat, inverted and pitched roofs, as well as ceiling insulation. There’s also all kinds of wall insulation including cavity and solid wall, steel and timber frame. Not to mention heavy duty, solid and suspended and timber floor insulation.

As you’d expect, all the best-known insulation brands are present including Ecotherm, Celotex Rockwool, and Xtratherm.


Plasterboard plays a vital role in insulating your home. But it can also help to improve your property’s safety and privacy. Insulation Bee provides all kinds of plasterboard solutions from standard plasterboard and tile backer board to thermally insulated plasterboard, soundproof plasterboard and even moisture / impact resistant plasterboards.

EWI systems

External Wall Insulation systems (also known as EWI systems, ETICS, or EIFS) can also be invaluable in keeping your home’s structure both warm and stable. They can be used for new builds or added to existing structures. They come with a range of finishes from brick to pebble dash and paint finishes. Insulation Bee provides everything you need for this effective, low-maintenance and aesthetically appealing solution from base tracks and fixings to facade plasters and paints.

Accessories of all kinds

Finally, a comprehensive online insulation store should have all the accessories need to get the job done. Insulation Bee, for instance, has a huge selection of pipes, fixings, profiles and soffit insulation solutions. They also have breathable cladding membranes to ensure maximum water resistance.

Your insulation can make all the difference to your energy savings. And when you have an insulation solutions provider like Insulation Bee at your service, you have a one stop shop for all your insulation needs.

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