5 Signs of a Trustworthy Removals Company in 2021

Moving to a new home can be a challenge at the best of times. The average person will move house at least 4 times in their lives. And while this is always a challenge, it’s a challenge that’s taken on a new dimension of challenge in recent years. Not only do we have to worry about moving to a new home expediently and affordably, more than ever we have to worry about moving safely.

We love helping people save money by switching to a cheaper energy supplier when they move to a new home. But we also recognise that finding a reliable partner to help you move is more important than ever. A Luckes & Son Removals in Swinton is a good example of what you should look for in a removals company. You can take a look at their website here. Here are 5 signs of a trustworthy removals specialist that you can see on their website:

Clear COVID-safe removals measures

As infection rates creep up across the country, we’re all getting a little more concerned about COVID-19. Fortunately, A Luckes & Son provide a great example of what you should look for in a COVID-safe removals partner. They offer a combination of manual deep cleaning and antiviral fogging to ensure that you can move with confidence.

Years of experience

Your move needs to be run with the precision of a military operation. There’s no room for cutting corners or half measures. The team at A Luckes & Son have over 18 years of shared experience in helping their clients to move house locally and nationally. There’s no move too big or too small for the team.

Investment in staff training

A van and good upper body strength do not necessarily a good mover make. A removals company needs to show they care by investing in rigorous training for their employees. A Luckes & Son Removals train their staff to rigorous standards, providing every client with their own moving coach.

Guaranteed value for money

Whether you’re buying a new home or renting, moving to a new home can be an expensive prospect. While you certainly shouldn’t choose your removals partner on the basis of who provides the cheapest quote, you should absolutely insist on good value for money from your removals company.

A Luckes & Son go so far as to guarantee value for money in their removals, packing and storage services. So you know beyond a doubt that your money has been well spent.

Enthusiastic customer testimonials

Finally, you shouldn’t judge a removals company (or any company) by what they say about themselves. You should judge them by what their customers say about them. Take a look at A Luckes & Son’s website and you’ll see some enthusiastic testimonials from real customers.

If your prospective removals partner can offer all of this, you have all the information you need to be able to move with confidence!

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