How Polar Planet Could Help You Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

Have your energy bills gone up again? Are you fed up with your energy costs rising year after year? Needless to say, we get great pleasure from helping energy consumers to save money by switching energy tariffs. Also, if we can help them drastically reduce their carbon footprint by choosing a green energy supplier, so much the better! But for those who want to go the extra mile, it’s never been easier or more affordable to save money on your energy bills while saving the planet by making green home improvements.

With a partner like Polar Planet, you can get help and advice and they even offer finance to enable you to make green alterations to your home. Take a look at Polar Planets’ website by clicking here. They can help you to mitigate the upfront costs and eliminate the barriers to making green installations in your home. So you can save money on energy for years to come and drastically reduce your carbon footprint without heavy upfront costs.

A Partner Like Polar Planet Can Help You With…

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) and Solar Thermal Hot Water Systems

The sun is an abundant source of free energy. Although the UK may not be known for its sunny climate, there is energy to be gleaned from the sun throughout the day; even on cloudy and overcast days. PV Solar Panels can help you generate energy during daylight hours, thereby reducing your reliance on energy from the grid. A company like Polar Planet can eliminate the barriers to installing solar panels and even help you to get the most from your Solar Array with a Battery Storage system. Through the Smart Export Guarantee, your energy supplier can also pay you for any energy that you feed back into the National Grid.

Solar Thermal heats up the water within your hot water cylinder without using natural gas! The system on your roof will transfer the heat from the panel(s) to your hot water cylinder providing you with an eco-friendly alternative to using your boiler during the summer months or if we are lucky enough to have spells of warm sun during the rest of the year.

Heat Pumps, Air Conditioning and MVHR

Heating your home need not mean using finite natural gas. Neither should cooling your home in the summer months mean sending your electricity bills soaring. Ground and Air Source Heat Pumps help you to heat your home naturally, using air that is drawn from the ambient air or beneath the ground, without the carbon cost that comes with using gas to heat your home. Most Heat Pumps are also able to provide passive cooling in the summer months and some Ground Source Heat Pumps can provide active cooling using fan coil units which will blow cool air; similar to an Air Conditioning system.

Likewise, cooling your home can be more cost effective and carbon-neutral when you use Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR). This leverages natural air currents to supply fresh air to the home whilst extracting damp and contaminated air from wet rooms, toilets and kitchens. MVHR will also extract the pollen from the air that is delivered into the home proving to be extremely beneficial to those who have allergies.

Underfloor Heating Systems

It can be seriously frustrating when you turn up your heating yet still feel cold because your feet are chilly. Underfloor Heating can help you feel warm and cosy without burning through a monetary fortune of natural gas. Underfloor Heating and a Heat Pump work extremely well together as an Underfloor Heating system runs at a lower flow temperature (approximately 35degrees); the same flow temperature as a Heat Pump. This is the most efficient way to use your Heat Pump and to heat your home; and not burn your feet.

Eco-Gas Boilers

Last but not least… Condensing Eco-Gas Boilers are a great way to cut down on your energy bills and your gas usage whilst still keeping your home toasty warm. Eco-Gas Boilers can offer an increase in energy efficiency of up to 30%. They’re also highly compact and space-saving, as well as naturally reducing your households’ carbon emissions.

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