Green Energy is on the rise. But is it Right For Your Home?

Green energy in your home

It’s well-known that green energy is beneficial for the environment. But did you know it could be advantageous for your wallet as well?

Green Energy is on the Rise. But is it Right For Your Home?

We’re all reliant on electricity to power our work, our businesses, and our lifestyles. But now we have more options than ever to ensure that the energy we use doesn’t come at the expense of the environment. Until fairly recently, the energy we use has been generated by burning fossil fuels and our only low-carbon option has been nuclear power. Just before the dawn of the millennium, however, the UK began to explore another option… renewable green energy.
We all know that green energy is great for the planet. But can it actually benefit your wallet, too?

What exactly is green energy?

Today, it seems like energy suppliers of all shapes and sizes are competing to bring you green energy. But what exactly do they mean when they offer you this? Green energy is electricity that is generated through renewable means. These include solar power, wind power and hydropower. Most of the green energy in the UK comes from wind power. A field in which the UK is actually a world leader.

The rise of green energy suppliers

Green energy is a growing presence in our national energy fuel mix. Today, renewable energy represents around 40% of our national fuel mix. Since just before the turn of the millennium, we’ve seen more suppliers of all shapes and sizes invest in renewable energy.
There’s some debate as to who was the UK’s first green energy supplier, with Ecotricity and Green Energy UK both claiming to be the first green suppliers in the country. The latter is certainly the first to exclusively offer green tariffs since 1999.
Now, all of the “Big 6” suppliers offer at least one 100% renewable tariff, and there are about a dozen energy companies specialising in green energy. So eco-conscious consumers have an abundance of choice.

Homes with lightbulbs - is Green Energy right for your home?

Is green energy cheaper?

Over the years, as our nation’s wind, solar and hydropower infrastructure has grown, it’s become cheaper and cheaper for energy suppliers to supply renewable energy. It is now, in fact, cheaper for suppliers to provide wind energy than energy from burning coal.
As a result, many of the cheapest tariffs on the market today are also 100% renewable energy tariffs. You can even get tariffs that use carbon-neutral gas to further reduce your household’s carbon footprint.

How the Papernest team can help

At Papernest, we love helping energy consumers to find the best value green energy tariff for their needs. Many assume that green energy is more expensive than energy from fossil fuels. And we’re always happy to prove them wrong!
Want to know more about green energy? Looking for the best green energy supplier and tariff in your area? Get in touch with the Papernest team today. We can help you save money while you save the planet!

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