Tips for making moving day a doddle

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Tips for your moving day

Moving house is famously one of the more stressful things you can do. Packing up your belongings, managing the admin and organising the logistics can all be a challenge and can push even the calmest people to distraction.
The best way to minimise stress and ensure the day goes smoothly is to get organised. Writing ‘to do’ lists, making plans and checking everyone knows exactly what they’re doing will help you to tackle even the most chaotic of moving days like a pro.

What to check before you move out

Although most of the admin will probably have been completed long before moving day itself, there will still be a few essential jobs you need to take care of before you depart for your new home. Here are some of the most important.

Store your valuables safely

Separating out your valuables and putting them somewhere safe will help to take a lot of the stress out of moving day. Put your passport, important paperwork, jewellery, laptops and other important items somewhere they can’t be lost or damaged.
You can either keep these items on you or take them to the home of a trusted friend or relative for safe keeping. This should keep them out of harm’s way until the move is done and dusted.

Take a meter reading

Just before you leave your previous home, take a meter reading for both your gas and your electricity. You’ll need to send these readings to your energy supplier so that they can generate an accurate final bill for the property.

Take photos

If you’re a tenant, make sure you take photos of any visible signs of damage in the property. This could prove useful if your landlord charges you for repairs or tries to take money off of your deposit for damage that was caused by someone else.

Hand keys back

Once you’re happy the property is clean and clear of your belongings, it’s time to hand your keys back and get going. In most cases, you’ll need to take the keys to your estate agent, although some will collect the keys from you instead.

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What you should look for when you move in

Moving into a new house can be exciting. However, before you start unpacking and settling in, there are some important pieces of admin you need to take care of.

Document signs of damage

If you’re a tenant, make sure you take the time to document any existing damage in the property. Compare this damage to the itemised inventory supplied to you by the letting agent or landlord. If there are any discrepancies, take photos and videos and let your landlord know straight away.

Take a meter reading

Taking a meter reading when you move into your new house will help to ensure you don’t pay for gas and electricity consumed by the previous occupant. Send these readings to the energy supplier as soon as possible.

Check your energy supplier

If you don’t know which energy company supplies the property with gas and electricity, ask the landlord or letting agent for the details. This will allow you to change the name on the gas and electricity account, and start comparing prices, as soon as possible.
Find out more, and learn how we can take the stress out of moving house, by taking a look around or getting in touch with a member of our team today.

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