Moving To a New Home? Avoid These Common Moving Mistakes!

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Moving To a New Home? Avoid These Common Moving Mistakes!

We love helping new movers to save money and complications with the right energy plans for their new homes. At the same time, however, we appreciate that a move to a new home can be logistically complicated and financially demanding. What’s more, in the chaos leading up to the moving day, we can make mistakes that don’t do us any favours. When we rush into our move, we risk making mistakes that can add to the cost and complexity of moving to a new home. 

Fortunately, the right moving partner can help to mitigate a lot of these. We recommend looking at a company with a proven track record like Central Moves. Take a look at their website <a href=””>here</a>. They can help you to avoid the mishaps that can add needless complications to your move. Mistakes like these…


It’s human nature. We all have a tendency to put off large and unpleasant tasks. Especially if they’ll disrupt our day-to-day lives. Nonetheless, when moving to a new home, leaving things to the last minute can result in unnecessary expense and hassle. 

Starting early and breaking your move into small discrete tasks can make the process much easier and calmer. Start packing non-essentials and searching for a removal partner today. Which brings us to…

Choosing a removals partner at random

You shouldn’t choose your removal partner based on the first entry that pops up on your web search. This just means that they’ve spent the most on SEO, not that they’re necessarily the best fit for the job. Take the time to ask friends and neighbours for recommendations, or compare quotes from different removals companies online. You may be surprised at how much variation there is in the cost and range of services offered.

Carrying clutter

The more you have to move, the more cost and hassle you can expect to incur. The last thing that any of us can afford is to carry clutter into our new homes. Now may be a good time to identify any items that you don’t want to bring to your new home. Rather than consigning them to landfill, try putting them up for sale online or giving them away to charity. Perhaps you have friends or family that may want them? Whatever you do with them, don’t complicate your move by bringing unwanted items with you.

Failing to insure your move

Insuring your move adds a very negligible cost to the process. But it could save you a small fortune if something precious to you is lost or damaged in transit. The sooner you start comparing removals insurance policies, the more time you have to choose the best one for your budget.

Overpacking your boxes

You don’t want to spend your first month in your new home clutching at your lumbar region in agony. But when you overpack your boxes, you risk doing yourself a potentially serious injury when lugging them around your new home. Make sure you can comfortably lift your boxes before lifting them. 

Safety should always come first!

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