Essential Services Carried Out By Your Local Electrician

We’re all reliant on electricity to live, work, play and relax at home. Your home’s energy supply powers everything from your hybrid working arrangements to your family movie nights. Your energy supply is a constant companion in your home life. As such, it deserves care and attention. 

Your local electrician can be invaluable in getting the most out of your energy supply. They can help you to improve your home’s energy efficiency, lowering both your bills and your carbon footprint. An electrician like DND Electrical can improve your comfort and convenience at home, and deliver a range of services to help you get the most out of your electrical infrastructure. You can check out their website here.

These essential services include:

Full and partial rewiring services

Your home’s wiring is a key component in its electrical infrastructure. But the wires and components are just as prone to wear and tear as anything else in your home. And because you can’t see them, it’s very difficult to get an indication of their condition. By rule of thumb, your home’s wiring should be replaced every 30 years. We recommend getting a trusted electrician to check your wiring every 5 years. If wiring is left to deteriorate it could increase your risk of an electrical fire. They can advise when a partial or full rewire is required to help prevent this. 

Internal and external lighting

Your home’s wiring can showcase everything that makes it special. Both on the inside and the outside. External security lighting can also help to make your home more safe and secure at night, deterring would-be trespassers. What’s more, energy-efficient lighting systems can make your home look beautiful while also reducing your energy consumption. 

Condition reports

It’s always a good idea to get to know the condition of your home’s electrical infrastructure. What’s more, if you’re renting out your home privately, they’re now a legal requirement. Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR) are required every 5 years if you’re a private landlord. They provide peace of mind while also recommending work that could improve electrical efficiency and safety.

Furthermore, Portable Appliance Testing can help you to ensure the safety of your smaller appliances from toasters and kettles to TVs and desktop PCs. 

Consumer unit replacement

Your consumer unit is the key to electrical safety in your home. Its system of circuit breakers prevents power surges and overloads from straining your electrical infrastructure and giving rise to electrical fires. 

However, your current consumer unit may not be as reliable or efficient as it could be. Your local electrician can replace your consumer unit with a superior model for increased efficiency and lasting peace of mind. 

New plug socket installations

The positioning of your plug sockets influences the positioning of your electrical devices and even your interior design. If you’re not happy with the position of your plug sockets in relation to your furniture, you may have to rely on extension cables and adaptors. But using too many of these can actually compromise the safety of your electrical infrastructure. An electrician, however, can instal new sockets at positions that are more convenient for you. So you can plan your electrical appliances around your decor rather than the other way around.

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