5 Important Questions To Ask Your Electrician

Like any tradesperson, you want lasting peace of mind when it comes to choosing an electrician. Here are some important questions to ask them about their work!

A good electrician is a friend for life! They can help you to unleash your home’s potential in all kinds of ways. We’ll always be here to help you find the most affordable and renewable energy plan for your home. But your local electrician can take your home’s energy efficiency to a whole new level. They can upgrade your wiring infrastructure, making it safer and more efficient. They can help you with energy-efficient installations that make your heating and lighting greener and more affordable. They can also help you to make your home more safe and secure with easy to maintain security and fire safety systems.

A good electrician is a gift that keeps on giving. But how do you know the good from the bad? Looking at their website is a good start. When you take a look at MW Electrical Services’ website, which you can check out here, you can see that they have years of experience and wealth of capability to handle all kinds of domestic electrical work. Nonetheless, don’t be afraid to reach out to ask your prospective electrician some important questions.

These can help you to find the right contractor for the job:

Are you registered?

Look for an electrician who is National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC) registered. This is a mark of quality, and means that the contractor meets high competency standards, regularly testing and broadening their skills. If an electrician is NICEIC registered, you know that they don’t rest on their laurels and that they are committed to quality.

However, there is no law stating that electricians should be NICEIC registered. So it’s very important that you ask directly.

Do you have public liability insurance?

If an electrician is carrying out work in your home or business premises, they need public liability insurance. This covers your property and your family against damages if something should go awry while work is carried out.

Is your work covered by a warranty?

An electrician worth their salt will provide a warranty on both the labour and equipment that has been implemented to do the job. What’s more, NICEIC offers what is known as a ‘Platinum Promise’. If you are unhappy with the quality of a registered contractor’s work, and NICEIC agrees that the work is substandard, they will cover the cost of putting it right.

Is this quote all-inclusive?

A good electrician will be upfront and transparent about their pricing, ensuring that all costs are included in their quote. Be wary of anyone who mentions extra add-ons and administrative fees. However, in some circumstances, an electrician may notice an issue after starting work that may alter or extend the work undertaken. In this instance, they should notify you as soon as possible and obtain approval before carrying on.

Will I require any other services?

Unfortunately, some electrical jobs can get a little bit messy. For instance, your electrician may need to make holes in your walls, ceiling and flooring in order to complete their work. Some electricians will be able to ensure that they tidy up after themselves with ancillary services like plastering. This should be included in your quote. Others, however, may be able to refer you to a specialist who can carry this out for you.

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