Looking For a Letting Agency in Edinburgh? Edinburgh Letting Centre Will Satisfy All Your Landlord Requirements

If you’re lucky enough to own an investment property in one of the UK’s most beautiful cities, here’s how Edinburgh Letting Centre will help!

Around 20% of UK homes are rented, and the majority of those properties are owned by private landlords. We strive to deliver useful information to landlords to ensure that their properties are EICR compliant, energy-efficient and as safe and comfortable as possible for their tenants. But we’re also keen to showcase other services that may benefit our readers who own property. If you’re lucky enough to own an investment property, you have some of the most desirable real estate in the UK. But managing that property yourself can prove a drain on your time and energy, as well as eating into your profit margins.

If you’re looking for a letting agent to help you navigate the challenges of being a private landlord in Edinburgh, we recommend taking a look at Edinburgh Letting Centre. They offer a comprehensive yet flexible suite of services built around your needs. You can take a look at their website here. Their services for landlords include…

Free rental valuation

Most landlords struggle with what to charge their tenants. They want to choose a monthly figure that reflects the property’s value while still offering great value for money for the tenant. Go too low, and you’ll be plagued by poor profit margins. Go too high and you risk scaring away prospective tenants. Edinburgh Letting Centre offers a free rental valuation. So you can be sure that your property’s rental income is a true reflection of its market value.

Tenant finding services

The right tenants can make your life as a landlord infinitely easier. The wrong tenants, however, could make it a nightmare! If you want to be involved in the day-to-day running and maintenance of your property, but want to be assured of quality tenants, Edinburgh Letting Centre can help!

They offer a standalone tenant finding service that includes the drawing up of a tenancy agreement, comprehensive reference checks of all prospective tenants, and collection of security deposits.

Full management

The great thing about Edinburgh Letting Centre’s services is that they’re completely scalable, so you can be as hands-on as you want to be. If you want to deliver a quality service to your tenants but don’t have the time spare to offer it yourself, they offer a comprehensive full management service.

This covers every step of the journey from marketing the property to drawing up the necessary tenancy agreement, maintenance and inspection of the property, repairs, and collecting rental payments.

HMO specialist services

Edinburgh Letting Centre is a Houses of Multiple Occupation specialist agency. So if you’ve invested in a student house or other property of multiple occupation, they can help you to navigate the complexities of managing this property type. All while remaining compliant with Edinburgh Council’s requirements. They can help with every aspect of HMO management, from filling in HMO licensing documents to handling final inspections and the payment of security deposits.

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