The Importance of Electrical Testing for Home Safety

Quality installation makes all the difference to your electrical infrastructure. But ongoing testing is also essential to ensure that everything is working at peak efficiency

We’re more reliant than ever on the electrical infrastructures of our homes. Whether we’re working from home, relaxing and unwinding in our downtime, or simply keeping the cold and the dark at bay we need electricity to facilitate our lifestyles. And the more we rely on something, the easier it is to take it for granted. Take your home’s electrical setup, for instance. This complex system of cables, wires and circuits delivers energy wherever and whenever we need it most.

But like any part of your home, the cables, circuits and appliances in your home are subject to wear and tear. Even when you treat them with the respect they deserve they can become worn and damaged, and this could lead to both inefficiencies and potential safety issues. Which is why an Electrical Installation Condition Report is recommended every 5 years. Indeed, if you want to rent out your property, it is now a legal requirement.

What is is part of the Pass Ltd. group, and is one of the country’s biggest suppliers of electrical testing equipment. You can take a look at their website Tester. Their range is second to none, with over 5,000 individual pieces of testing equipment in stock from the world’s most trusted manufacturers. These include Fluke, Megger, GE Druck, CK Tools,Kern, Extech, Kern, Master Lock, Sika, FLIR, Hoki, Siglent and more. They supply to the trade and to individuals. If you’re a professional electrician, they provide the kind of reliable electrical equipment to the trade that you can build a reputation on. However, they also supply to the general public, too.

You may be able to save money on a quote by obtaining your own parts. They also supply items that may be useful to capable DIYers.

Meters and metering accessories

If there’s a problem with your meter, or it needs to be replaced, your energy supplier should take responsibility for it. However, there are some circumstances where you may be expected to have a contractor replace or repair your meter yourself. Fortunately, offers a comprehensive range of single and three-phase meters at great prices. So you can enjoy precise and accurate metering for years to come without worrying about the cost.

Cable avoidance tools

It’s every homeowner’s worst nightmare, to drill or hammer a nail into the wall and find that the lights subsequently all go out. Fortunately, offers a comprehensive range of cable avoidance tools to ensure that you can drill or hammer with complete peace of mind.

They also offer cable fault locators to allow you to trace issues with your electrical cabling without disruption to your walls.

High voltage PPE

There are some jobs that are best left to a professional electrician. They may be too dangerous to do yourself or may even be illegal to do on your own, such as setting up a new connection to the National Grid.

If you have a fault or issue with your high-voltage cabling, you need to get a professional electrician to look at it straight away. They will inevitably wear high voltage personal protective equipment when attempting to rectify the fault. If you’re at all unsure about whether an area is safe to touch, you can pick up your own high voltage PPE.

PAT Testers

As well as Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR), Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is also recommended for smaller appliances like kettles, microwaves etc. While not a legal requirement, it is highly recommended for investment properties, private homes and business premises alike.

Training courses doesn’t just offer a huge range of testing supplies to the trade, it also offers a range of courses to the trade including electrical, high voltage, ultrasound and thermal imaging courses. With training courses from City and Guilds, LCL Awards and their own PASS accreditations, they can help electricians to deliver excellence in their work.

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