Is It Time To Take Your Green Energy To The Next Level?

We love helping people find the right renewable energy tariff for their homes. But if you want to take things to the next level, check out Fuel Included

Is It Time To Take Your Green Energy To The Next Level?

We’re passionate about renewable energy at Tanjent energy, as you can check on the website here. A fact that may not exactly be breaking news to those familiar with our blog. We take enormous pride in helping households to find 100% renewable energy deals that not only reduce their carbon footprint but help them save hundreds of pounds every year on their energy bills.

If you want to help make your home more sustainable, switching to the right renewable supplier is a great first step. But by no means is it the end of the road. What about those households that are ready to take their renewable energy endeavours to the next level? Those who are ready to make an investment in a greener energy infrastructure? If this sounds like you, we recommend taking a look at what our friends at Fuel Included are doing. You can view their website here. They can provide help, advice and practical support with all manner of green installations. Including…

Electric Vehicles

Fuel Included has grown a great deal over the past few years, but its original focus was on helping households to understand the benefits of electric vehicles and access them affordably. On their website you can see a wide range of digital resources that cover multiple aspects of EV use. So you can make an informed decision about whether they’re the right fit for your household’s needs.

They can also help you to access discounted EV hire in partnership with Europcar.

PV solar panels and arrays

Over 900,000 UK homes currently have PV solar panels. If you’d like to join them but aren’t sure where to start, Fuel Included can be an invaluable resource. They have established a new brand called Tanjent that’s dedicated to helping households better understand their options when it comes to solar installations.

They can help you to ascertain your home’s true solar potential and get you a realistic quote for a solar panel array. So you can start generating your own 100% renewable energy, reducing your energy costs and driving down your household’s carbon footprint. Just visit the website for solar and battery information.

Solar battery storage

When you have a PV solar array, your household is always generating energy during daylight hours. But on average, around 50% of energy generated gets fed back into the grid because it is not being used at home. Those who work from home throughout the day benefit the most from PV solar panels. And while the Smart Export Guarantee ensures that you get paid for the energy you feed into the grid, solar battery storage offers a far more cost-effective alternative for most households.

These allow you to store unused solar energy for later use, enabling you to reduce your reliance on grid energy, power your home more sustainably and save even more money. The team can help you ascertain the cost and logistics of adding a battery system to your existing array or setting up a whole new system with solar panels and batteries.

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