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If you’re moving home around Sussex, we recommend the team at Sussex Removals for your moving, and packing needs. Here’s why:

Helping new movers makes us happy! We love helping households save money on gas and electricity in their new homes by escaping costly deemed tariffs and finding the right energy plan for their needs. Even during the current crisis, we’re working tirelessly to help movers to find the perfect energy tariff and save money on utilities when they move into a new property.

As part of our commitment to helping households moving to a new home, we like to spotlight removals companies that we feel offer an exemplary service. If you live in the county of Sussex, we heartily recommend Sussex Removals for all your moving and storage needs. You can take a look at their website here. Here is a checklist created by them for you to follow when you are moving here. Below are just a few of the things they offer that make them a great choice for your move.

Friendly, approachable and highly knowledgeable staff

We’ve all had to deal with surly removals teams that seem in a rush to get to their next job and consider our move an inconvenience to them. We know how this lack of customer service ethic can sour the atmosphere of your move. Fortunately, Sussex Removals are known for their friendly, helpful and approachable team. No matter how near or how far you’re moving you can expect the same courtesy and professionalism from the team.

COVID-safe removals

Sussex Removals offer completely COVID-safe removals with strict measures in place to protect your household and your belongings. With the Omicron and Delta variants a cause of significant concern to many, Sussex Removals provide extra peace of mind.

Flexible storage options

Many house moves require more than a day. Sometimes, trying to cram a whole move into a single day can result in more stress and potentially more expense. With flexible storage options, Sussex Removals give you the luxury of time. They save you from having to move all of your belongings in one day, allowing you to move smaller items at your leisure using your own vehicle. This may prove to be a more cost-effective option for you.

Packing services

Packing for your move can prove a stressful and time-consuming ordeal. What’s more, mistakes can lead to your items becoming damaged in transit. Fortunately, Sussex Removals offer comprehensive packing services to take the stress out of your move and protect your belongings. So you can be assured that everything arrives in your new home in the same condition as when you left your old place.

Enthusiastic testimonials from real customers

Social proof is extremely important when choosing a removals company. You need to know that the experiences of their customers live up to the bold promises made on their website. The good news is that Sussex Removals has a testimonials page that’s chock full of enthusiastic reviews from verified customers. They’re also rated 4.9 out of 5 on TrustATrader.
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