15 Easy Ways To Save Money When You Move House

Find out about 15 quick and simple ways for you to save during the process of moving house, which can be incredibly expensive.

Are you moving house? Checkout these 15 methods to help you save money when you move house so that you don’t end up paying over the odds for this already expensive process:

1. Have Your Own Snack Box

As you move, the whole family and any friends who are helping you move may well want or expect various takeout drinks and food. Rather than paying service station prices and premium costs, have your own snack box. It is also handy to have a flask full of hot water, mugs, milk and sugar as well as cold drinks in a cooler box.

2. Budget

One of the easiest ways to save money when you move house is to budget for the move. That way, you won’t allow costs to run away and add up without noticing. It also helps to have a little extra aside for unexpected costs. That way, there is always some money aside to deal with any eventuality.

3. Do The Cleaning Yourself

The cost of cleaning is expensive, and yet cleaning is necessary for both the house you are leaving and the one that you are moving to. For that reason, a bit of elbow grease from yourself and your friends/ family members is going to be much better on the bank balance. You’ll want to be particularly vigorous with cleaning the house you’re selling or moving from because you could end up paying compensation to the rental company or new buyers if you leave it in a mess.

4. Use Affordable Self Storage Instead of a Moving Van

Affordable self storage (see Storing.com) enables you to move little bits and pieces across to a middle ground so that there is no ‘big moving day’. Instead you can gently move bit by bit into a secure and affordable self storage unit and so you’re all ready come exchange day, and then you can move items into your new home as and when you’re ready after it’s been cleaned or decorated.

5. Ditch Heavy Items

If you are moving long-distance it could be worth selling heavy items of furniture that will cost more to move than they are worth. You can then replace them when you move to your new place. You may also want to do this with old appliances that again could cost more to move than it would cost to replace them outright in your new home.

6. Declutter & Sell

Why not declutter your things and get a bit of a sale going on in your garage or front garden? Anything more valuable can go online so that it gets you as much money as it is worth. This way you’ll not only be reducing how much you have to pack and move, but you’ll be making extra cash along the way to use for fuel, snacks and other costs that come up.

7. Plan Ahead and Avoid Price Hikes

When you leave everything until the last minute you end up paying more money than you would if you had planned ahead. A good example is moving companies who may well have their busiest period in summer, so they can charge a premium. Removal companies who are leftover last minute may charge you even more for the privilege of using them.

8. Be Ready To Go

If your removals company charges by the hour be sure to be as efficient as possible and have everything ready to go when they arrive.

9. Pack Your Belongings Yourself

Lots of moving companies will charge a lot more for adding a packing service to what they offer, as well as the removals service. In fact, it can be a truly hefty bill to have your things packed up for moving house. Instead, if you do it yourself, you can save all that money. Sure, it takes more time and effort, but if you do it properly you can protect all your things and save all that money too.

10. Move Outside Of Spring and Summer

Spring & Summer are premium moving times and so any services you use during this time will cost more. If you’re OK with moving during off-peak times (any time but summer and spring) you can save a lot of money on the services that you use.

11. Don’t Get Caught Out With Parking Charges

Parking charges in areas like London or other cities can come from nowhere, so it is important that you use a moving company who knows how to avoid them as they may slap you with the bill if they are caught unaware. If you are driving, you should research the area you are moving to to check parking restrictions and charges for anti-omissions zones etc.

12. Ask If There Is A Cheapest Day To Move

Sometimes there is a cheapest day to move house for any one company, perhaps because it is the day most people don’t choose. Try asking in case you can save money booking this day.

13. Source Free Packing Supplies

There are free packing supplies available on local community websites, free local ads, social media and even in local supermarkets. Some of the best free packing supplies you can get are strong boxes leftover from somebody moving house, or banana boxes from the supermarket which are extremely strong.

14. Get Your Bills In Order

When you move home there are all kinds of charges that can occur if you don’t call providers to let them know what is going on. It will take some time (and waiting in call queues) but it will help you save money. Even better, when you move into your new place do take advantage of those rare new customer opportunities with all your providers. You can get some amazing deals as a new customer, so don’t be too quick to simply move your contracts across if you can cancel them for free.

15. Check Your Insurance

There should be lots of insurance in place during your move so that there is cover for all kinds of issues. That includes insurance with your affordable Storing.com self storage unit, with your removals company, any vehicles you drive for moving and additional accidental damage cover. It is better to pay out more for insurance and be protected, rather than try to save money in this particular area because if anything does go wrong, the costs could be huge.

Hopefully the above 15 tips will help you save tons of money during your house move, so you can save extra cash for making the most of your new place instead!

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