Use smart technology to create a cozy and energy efficient atmosphere in your home

Your home is a haven and it should be the place where you are most comfortable and find reprieve from the outside world. However, like any small space, there are common household problems that are easy to overlook. Using smart technology such as that installed by Gokonnect can help not only creating a cozy atmosphere but also keep your energy usage as minimal as possible. 

Read on to learn some useful tips about making your home more efficient.

Smart Lighting

One way to make your lighting more energy efficient is to use smart lighting. Gokonnect can install smart light systems that allow you to control the amount of light coming out of a lamp or fixture, allowing you to customise your lighting to suit the current activity—say, an extra-bright reading light during a late night of studying, or a soft glow for movie night. This can save you from wasting energy when the light is actually brighter than you need it to be. 

The smart lighting systems provided by gokonnect also help you to save energy by allowing you to set the time when you’d like your lights to turn on and off. You can even group different lamps and lights together so that you can control them all with one switch. So, if you have a few lamps in your living room that you always leave on when you go out for the evening, it’s easy to turn them all off at once with a timer before shutting the door.

Smart plug

Gokonnect also offers smart solutions that help you control the energy usage of your appliances, which could help in saving energy. While we’re all at home trying to be as productive as possible, it’s also important to keep our environmental impact in mind. Many of us have been working remotely for months, which has increased our electricity usage. 

With the smart plug, you can remotely control all your appliances. For example, you can make sure certain sockets or appliances are on or off during certain times of the day. You can also control the heating in your home to make sure that at the times where you need it your home will be nicely heated and when it is not needed to save energy the temperature is a bit lower. 

Smart lock

With Gokonnect´s smart lock you can always unlock your door with one click on your phone, and even turn on your smart lights, turn on your smart thermostat and even play some music on your smart speakers. Perfect to make the room cosy for when coming home from a long day at work.  No need to worry about forgetting your keys whatsoever, you can even allow other family members to all have access to the system. 

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