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👋 We are papernest.

Our dream ⭐️ a world of subscriptions made smart & easy.

A world finally freed from the hassle of admin, where endless forms to fill and countless hours listening to hold music on the phone to customer services would be a thing of thing of the past. A world where you don't have to squint to read illegible small print, and where you don't have a gazillion tabs open to click through all those different comparison and supplier websites trying to get an accurate quote. Let's be honest, we all have better things to do with our day!

Our mission 🚀 make contract and utility management simple for everyone

Sometimes all we need is a friendly voice to help us calmly navigate through unnecessarily confusing processes. Comparing, transferring, canceling and switching the various utility and housing contracts we need in our everyday lives... We want to take these tedious tasks off your hands so you can focus on what really matters.

Cheapest plan

Our supplier partners 💜

We work with a wide range of Europe's best suppliers, allowing us to present a complete and tailored offer to each of our users. Each supplier is carefully selected and vetted in terms of the quality of their offers, their subscription process and customers satisfaction ratings.

Our business model is centered around these suppliers as papernest is compensated as a business contributor by its supplier partners. However, we remain entirely independent. Our clients will always be the sole deciders as to which offers fit them best.

papernest in a few figures

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