Finding the right lighting to match your home décor can be an exciting process. Yet many homeowners fail to understand how good quality lighting combines both form and function. Whether you opt for premium lamps, chandeliers, wall lights or pendants, all these fixtures can have a massive impact on the vibe in your home.

Litecraft provides a wide range of quality lighting options for homeowners and renters alike. Why not look at the brand and what they have to offer.
However, don’t forget to read on to learn the importance of good lighting in the home and how Litecraft can help achieve this.

Importance of good lighting in your home

Below are just some reasons why good speciality lighting in the home is vitally important:

1. It makes it easier to perform household tasks

Premium task lighting can make it easier for you to perform all tasks around the home. Task lighting adds that extra lighting that is sometimes required. Allowing you to ensure the light is pointed towards the areas of your home that need it the most. Therefore, increasing the amount of light in a specific area. Task lighting can come in several forms, a few examples of task lighting are table lamps, ceiling pendants, and wall lights. Task lighting is particularly great for completing daily activities such as meal prepping, taking a shower, or carrying out hobbies such as reading.

2. Improves mood

Creating ambient lighting is essential for lifting the mood throughout your home. It illuminates rooms and gives them a lively and cheery atmosphere that rubs off on anyone who enters that space. It also helps create a warm and inviting atmosphere that allows family members and friends to feel comfortable within your home. To achieve the perfect ambient lighting, combine your internal lighting with natural light. Doing this will allow you to get the most out of your lighting.
Every home has spaces where natural light does not reach – making them appear gloomy and miserable – this is where creating ambient lighting can be the perfect step-in.

3. Highlights much-loved areas

Many people also use accent lighting to draw attention to specific areas or features inside the home that they want to accentuate. Accent lighting works well when wanting to highlight specifics such as wall colours, paintings, furniture edges, or decorative features. The same principle also applies to your home’s external areas. Just ensure you use the correct lighting that is suitable for outdoor use.

How can Litecraft help?

Founded in 1949 just on the outskirts of Manchester, Litecraft is committed to providing customers with premium quality lighting. The company oversees the designing, manufacturing, and distributing of light options, allowing them to guarantee a high standard at all times.

Litecraft has products to honour every aesthetic, offering a wide range of lighting to its customers. You can get anything from traditional chandelier designs to lighting with a more modern edge. Whether it’s outdoor lights to brighten your external areas or wall lights to add that extra lighting that your home has been missing, Litecraft has got you covered.

The company has five stores throughout the UK, as well as being online. They have stores in Manchester, Oldham, Glasgow, Birmingham, and Leeds. The stores are a great way to browse the products and see them in real-life, allowing you to visualise the lights within your home. Not only that, having the stores open allows those customers who have the fears associated with online buying to not miss out on the fantastic range that is available.

Why choose Litecraft?

Some reasons to consider choosing Litecraft when illuminating your home include:

  • Their designs are inspired by the latest home interior trends.</li>
  • They offer top-quality products at affordable prices.
  • They are committed to 100% customer satisfaction.
  • They operate a personal shopper experience in-store.
  • They are known as the number two lighting company in the UK.


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