Entice Energy in 2022: Prices, reviews and contact details

Papernest disclaims that they are in partnership with Entice Energy

Papernest disclaims that they are in partnership with Entice Energy

Having issues getting a hold of your current energy supplier? Well, then making the switch to Entice Energy might be the right option for you. Why? Because their focus is on customer service. In fact, when you switch to Entice Energy, you are assigned to an account manager that is ready to assist you when issues arise. And, believe it or not, it’s an approach that seems to be working; as their online reviews are generally very positive. Interesting enough? Great, so, join us as we dive into all that you need to know about Entice Energy.
Last update: April 2022

Supplier name Entice Energy
Founded 2015
Client Email help@enticeenergy.com
Client Number 0330 403 0040
Log in Click here
Number of clients Unclear
Postal Address Ransom Hall South Ransom Wood, Mansfield NG21 0HJ

We Consider Entice Energy A Moderately Stable Supplier
As you may have heard on the news, the UK energy market is currently under an immense amount of stress putting several energy suppliers out of business. We have designated Entice Energy as a low to moderate risk supplier right now, which means that they could face trouble if the UK energy crisis worsens much further. To learn more about this and stay updated you can read our page on the UK energy crisis.

Entice Energy offers two 12-month fixed rate tariffs for both gas and electricity, as well as a variable rate. Both fixed tariffs come with exit fees of £30, meaning if you leave before your fixed rate contract is up, you have to pay the fee. One tariff offers a lower standing charge but higher rates per kWh. The other has a higher standing charge and lower rates per kWh. Which is more suitable for you depends on how you use power in your home. There is more information about their choice of tariffs below.

Entice Energy likes to keep things simple. They offer the three tariffs, with no prepayment options or Warm Home discount. Nor do they offer any Economy 7 meters or dual fuel discounts. But if you want simple and straightforward energy at good prices, and with excellent customer service from a dedicated account manager, they might be a good option.

Let’s find out more about their tariffs, contact details and how to switch if they sound like your cup of tea. Before we begin, however, we would like to mention that you can switch energy suppliers with us at anytime. Our experts are ready to find you the best deal possible. All you need to do is give us a ring at the number on the top of the screen. Now, without further ado…

Who is Entice Energy?

Founded in 2015, Entice Energy realized that people were growing a little tired of dealing with the big, faceless energy companies. Getting through to speak to someone on the phone was becoming an ordeal, and even when you did the customer service was far from perfect. Entice Energy aimed to do things slightly differently.

Playing on the fact they were a small business, they aimed to offer every customer their own dedicated account manager. This would mean customers would have a direct line to someone they knew and trusted. No more faceless corporations or hours spent on hold.

This approach seems to have worked, with excellent ratings for customer service from Trustpilot (see more below).

They offer both gas and electricity tariffs at fixed rates for 12 months, and a variable rate. There are no dual fuel discounts. Just simple energy plans with transparent customer service.

Who owns Entice Energy?

Entice Energy is a private limited company. Its director is currently David Crowe but there is no further information available about who owns the company.

What makes Entice Energy different?

The main thing that makes Entice Energy different is the fact they offer your own account manager to deal with your power supply and billing. They are a very small energy firm, with around six to 10 employees. But if you have an account you get assigned a contact who you will deal with each time. They are small enough to offer the personal touch, which can really help you to make the most of your power supply.

The other thing that makes Entice Energy different is how simple they keep their services. Rather than having dozens of tariffs for all different kinds of client, they offer two simple tariffs which are fixed for 12 months. There are no dual fuel discounts or Economy 7 meters. This means you know exactly where you stand with your energy at all times.

Entice Energy guide

Is Entice Energy cheap?

Entice Energy compares very favourably on price. The average monthly cost of their dual fuel tariff on Flexible Saver is £99, or £1117.91 annually. That is £178 less than with an equivalent tariff from one of the Big Six suppliers.

With their Fixed Saver online tariff you would be paying £106 a month on average for a 3 bedroom property based on average UK usage. That works out as £1,268 annually. That’s £88 a year less than with the Big Six.

Are Entice Energy any good?

Entice Energy score quite favourably with their customers. They have a Trustpilot rating of 4.2, although this is from just over 100 reviews. However, they may not suit everyone. They are a small company that aims to offer a more personalized service. That does mean they do not offer great choice of tariffs and no discounts for dual fuels or the Warm Home initiative.

What are the Entice Energy tariffs?

Below you can find the information on the tariffs offered by Entice Energy. These are the costs of the dual fuel options:

Tariff name Details Prices
Flexible Saver V2 Dual Fuel No fixed term
Monthly Direct Debit
No exit fee
Variable rate (prices subject to change
£99 Average Monthly Price
£1177.91 Annually
Fixed Saver v10 Online
Dual Fuel

12 months fixed
Monthly Direct Debit
£30 Exit Fee per fuel
£106 Average Monthly Price
£1268.18 Annually
Fixed Saver v10 Paper
Dual Fuel
12 months fixed
Monthly Direct Debit
£30 Exit Fee per fuel
£110 Average Monthly Price
£1316.13 Annually

How much does Entice Energy charge per kwh?

The prices for standing charges and for each kWh of energy can be broken down as follows:

Tariff Feature Fixed Saver V8 Flexible Saver V2
Electricity Daily Standing Charge 22.369p 21.855p
Electricity Unit Rate (kWh) 14.384p 17.01p
Gas Daily Standing Charge 22.848p 23.206p
Gas Unit Rate (kWh) 2.958p 3.066p
Exit Fees £31.50 £0

Entice Energy fuel mix

Entice Energy are yet to publish any data about their fuel mix. This is because it is a relatively new supplier of electricity. In fact, they are only one of a handful of small suppliers that are yet to publish this information and they will be required to do so by law in the near future.

However, until we know more about the exact make up of their fuel mix, we can probably assume that their focus is not on sustainable energy at this point. This is a big selling point for energy companies and they like to make a big noise about it, so the fact they don’t is telling.

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How green is Entice energy?

Until more details are published by Entice Energy about their fuel mix, as is required by Ofgem, the industry regulator, we can’t really know how green Entice Energy is. There is currently no information on their website about environmental or sustainable fuel policies.

Entice Energy customer reviews

Entice Energy has achieved some very positive customer reviews so far, albeit from a limited number of reviews. They only have just over 100 reviews on Trustpilot, but they currently rate the company in the following ways:

  1. 85% Excellent
  2. 5% Great
  3. Less than 1% Average
  4. Less than 1% Poor
  5. 8% Bad

The reviews on Trustpilot are very mixed. There are a number of positive reviews praising the customer service and appreciating that the MD of the company responds personally to criticism or feedback. In fact, he has written lengthy responses to a number of negative reviews on the site promising to look into the mattern and sort out issues raised.

However, there are also a number of complaints, with one or fewer stars outlining major issues with the company. It is clear that Entice is a small enterprise that does some things well but is also struggling to get to grips with the complexities of customer demands within the energy industry.

With plenty of glowing five star reviews, it would seem if they can iron out these few issues (and it looks like they are trying, starting with the MD) then they may be on course for some very positive results. The personal touch the company employs also seems to be popular with many customers.

How many customers does Entice Energy have?

It is not clear how many customers Entice Energy currently has but it is a small company.

Do Entice Energy have smart meters ?

After discussions with Ofgem, Entice Energy became a DCC user in June 2020. They are now able to support smart meters. Customers can now enjoy accurate bills and keep a closer eye on what they are using and spending.

Do Entice Energy do business energy tariffs?

They do not currently offer business tariffs.

Entice Energy – how to pay

They prefer that you pay by direct debit. However, you can also pay in the following ways:

  1. Online in your account area on the Entice website
  2. Over the phone with your credit card details
  3. By BACS
  4. By post

How to switch to Entice energy

If you want to switch to Entice Energy, you can either contact them directly or use a dedicated switching site. It’s really easy to do. Just have the details of your current energy supplier ready (they should be on your bill) and some personal details, including your address and then ring us! Yep, switching energy suppliers is that easy.

If you think they could be the supplier for you, then let us handle the switch.

How long does it take to switch to Entice Energy?

Once you have given permission to switch, there is a 14-day cooling off period when you can change your mind. Suppliers don’t do anything during this time in case you don’t want to go through with it. Once this has passed, the switch over will usually happen a few days later. Usually around 17 days and no later than 21 days. There will be no interruption to your supply and you don’t have to do anything else.

How to change tariff on Entice energy

If you want to switch between tariffs supplied by Entice Energy, then you need to get in touch with them. Their fixed rate tariffs do have exit fees but if you are switching to another of their products then this may not apply. Or get in touch with us to handle the switch.

How to contact Entice Energy?

You can get in touch with Entice Energy in a number of ways:

Email at: help@enticeenergy.com

Phone: 0330 403 0040

The postal address is:

Entice Energy Supply Limited
Ransom Hall South,
Ransom Wood Business Park
NG21 0HJ

How to complain about Entice Energy?

You can make a complaint with Entice Energy directly, speaking to your account manager. If this is not resolved or you are still unhappy, you can make a more formal complaint with the industry regulator Ofgem here.

Our opinion on Entice

Entice Energy is a small supplier that tries to put the customer first. They have had some success with this, getting good reviews, albeit from a small sample of customers. Customers report fast and friendly customer service and quick responses.

However, they still need to publish information about their fuel mix and could do more to offer a sustainable option. They are also a very small company with fewer than ten staff so will need to grow if they are serious about taking on more customers without there being a drop off in service.

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When was Entice energy founded?

Entice Energy was founded in 2015 and is based in the Mansfield area. However, they offer gas and electricity services to customers around the country.

Do Entice Energy have a mobile app?

No. They currently have no mobile app services. However, their website is responsive on mobile devices. This means you can manage your account even on the move.

How to contact Entice Energy ?

You can get in touch with Entice Energy in a number of ways. By email at help@enticeenergy.com or phone on 0330 403 0040.

The postal address is:

Entice Energy Supply Limited
Ransom Hall South,
Ransom Wood Business Park
NG21 0HJ

Is Entice Energy a green supplier?

There is currently no information on this as they have yet to publish their fuel mix. However, it is probably safe to assume that at this moment in time green energy is not a priority. This may change in the future.

Updated on 24 Jan, 2022

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