The importance of water and energy efficiency in leisure and hospitality businesses 

The leisure and hospitality industries are huge consumers of energy and water. At Leisure Controls International (LCI) they provide a plethora of timing meters and equipment that could help you track your energy usage. It is now more important than ever to save on energy bills. This is for 3 reasons:

1) Environmentally, we are seeing the impact of global warming around the world, from the melting of the polar ice caps to freak storms and floods in Germany, to temperatures and bush fires raging out of control in the US and Australia.

2) Economically, the energy price cap has risen by £700 in April and is expected to rise again to £2,800 in October this year. Cutting energy and water costs is one of the simplest ways to increase profits.

3) Customer awareness of environmental impact is increasing, and businesses that can boast green credentials have a distinct advantage.

So, how exactly can businesses within the leisure and hospitality industries monitor and reduce their energy consumption? Read on to find out.

Monitor your energy usage

One of the best ways to reduce your energy usage is to monitor it to review which appliances are using the most energy and when. By monitoring your energy usage closely, you may find that just by making small changes to your business you can make significant savings. The following services are two of the most expensive to provide in the leisure and hospitality industry:


Many people love to spend a long time in the shower, luxuriating in usually more powerful showers than most households enjoy whilst staying away on holiday. However, this leads to a significant increase in the use of water and energy, and one way that this can be controlled is by using a shower meter.

Shower meters can control the time spent in the shower by limiting the time they operate. You can pre-set the amount of time that a shower will run, and they can be operated via card, coin, token or free vend. Free vend operation is simply a button that can be pressed without payment, that will stop after a certain pre-set time has elapsed. Leisure Controls International (LCI) are a supplier of high quality shower meters that can help you track your shower habits. 

Air conditioning units

Air conditioning, especially in warm countries, can also be expensive to run. The use of meters for air conditioning units means that they are far less likely to be left on when the room or property is empty, or it is no longer required.

Similar to shower meters, coin-operated air conditioning units can be installed to limit the time that the appliance is left running. Requiring a pre-payment before they will operate means that guests are less likely to indulge in excess energy consumption, both limiting environmental impact and saving the hotel money.

Save money and protect the planet

Introducing measures to limit the environmental impact of your business can both save you money and attract positive attention to your company, all whilst protecting the planet. It is always recommendable to learn  more about optimising energy efficiency within the leisure and hospitality industries and on how to save on your energy bills.


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