For many people, owning a car is simply too expensive. For others, you may not have access to your vehicle while you’re out, making finding transportation home a nightmare. Some people want to help others that don’t have the privilege of owning private transport by lending out theirs…but they don’t know how to do so safely.

This is where Karshare comes in. Karshare is the UK’s Peer-to-peer car sharing platform that allows users to rent cars to and from one another. Karshare allows you to book trusted vehicles instantly within your local area and unlock them through the handy Karshare app. Here’s more information on how Karshare works and why it’s transforming the car rental scene:

Renting a car

Renting with Karshare is quick and easy. Unlike traditional car hire companies there are no queues, no hidden fees, no physical key handovers and no unexpected last minute changes to the car you’ve booked. The app provides you with instant access to cars within your local area. Choose from a range of makes and models including family-sized SUVs for your next day out and impressive electric cars to take you around the city in style. 

Moreover, you can find vans to share which could be the best solution for your do-it-yourself move. Only a van provides you with one hundred percent complete control over your move and for many people, this fact alone makes this choice the ideal moving option.

Rental prices are affordable and you’re able to gain access to the vehicle of your choice with a simple click of your app. When you rent a vehicle with Karshare, you get comprehensive insurance and RAC breakdown cover for peace of mind.

Renting out your car

If you find that you’re not getting much use out of your car, you’re not alone! On average, cars in the UK are sat parked idly for 23 hours a day – that means it’s not getting much use for the costs you’re paying!

Renting your car out with Karshare not only lets you get your car engine running on a more regular basis, but you can also earn money while doing so. Sharing your car helps to reduce carbon emissions as there are less vehicles on the road, meaning you’re doing your bit for the environment. You’re also fully protected with insurance too.

Find out more about car idleness in the UK here.

Download Karshare today

If you’re interested in renting cars from others or renting your car out to those that need it, get started by downloading Karshare now. As the UK’s first car-sharing platform, Karshare is revolutionising the way we get around our local area.


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