Saving energy is on everyone’s mind this winter and whilst being sure you are on the best tariff is essential, there are a lot of other ways to keep bills low, without compromising comfort. We look at one of the leading double-glazing companies in Essex, Fitter Windows, for inspiration and ideas about how to save money, save energy and keep warm this winter.


How much difference does updating your double glazing really make?


Around 10% of our home’s heat is lost through our windows and over the course of a year the average three-bedroom semi-detached home save can a huge amount of this heat by choosing to have modern double glazing.


Why is older style double glazing less efficient?


Older-style double glazing works by creating a simple extra layer of glass. Whilst this is better than single-glazing, modern double or triple-glazed windows are even more efficient. Between the two layers of specially engineered glass is a layer of inert gas (usual argon) which further aids the insulation.


What about U-values


U-Values simply refer to the amount of heat that transmits through a material, which helps you understand how much heat you’re losing and how much money your windows could save. The lower the U-Value, the more efficient your window.


  • Single glazing U value = 5.6 w/m2K (Watts / square metre Kelvin).
  • Double glazing (with air cavity) U value = 2.8 w/m2K.
  • Double glazing (with argon gas cavity) U value = 2.6 w/m2K.
  • Double glazing with low emissivity glass (with air cavity) U value = 1.8 w/m2K.
  • Double glazing with low emissivity glass (with argon gas cavity) U value = 1.5w/m2K.


As you can see, there is a big difference between the U-Value of a single-glazed window and a double-glazed window. The U-Value gets even lower as we move to the more modern low-emissive windows.


What makes Fitter Windows different?


Based in Harlow, Essex, Fitter Windows work across the county, including Chelmsford, Brentwood, Epping, Romford, Braintree, Grays, Colchester and Tiptree. However, we regularly complete installations across Surrey, Kent, Cambridgeshire and even into London. They offer years of industry experience and a dedication to improving home energy efficiency.


Skilled in-house technicians


Fitter windows work with the best joiners and window technicians in the business so you can be confident of a perfect job from start to finish. They use the best materials, from classic hardwood to modern aluminium and uPVC, all complete with energy-efficient double or triple glazing. The highly skilled team are dedicated to delivering a fine result with minimum disruption.


Whether you need new windows for a heritage home in a conservation area or a new installation for a sleek modern development, Fitter Windows will help you find the perfect balance of excellent aesthetics and maximum energy efficiency.


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