What makes a good door?


Your door is the first thing guests encounter when they visit your home and it’s what separates your inner sanctuary from the outside world. The doors you have installed in your home are arguably as important as good foundations and a solid roof. A good door design should consider thermal and acoustic insulation, maximum security, sustainable manufacturing practices and a stylish aesthetic. Endurance doors proudly offer a product that wholeheartedly respects these principles. You can browse their range of composite doors here.


Thermal insulation


Choosing an energy-efficient composite door that keeps your home warm is a worthwhile investment that can save you considerable amounts on your energy bills. Built with a solid 48mm timber core, Endurance doors employ a sturdy, cross-laminated design that traps heat and keeps the cold air out.


The key figure to note is the U-value, an indication of the heat transfer these doors allow, with the A-rated models providing the lowest value and therefore the best insulation possible. Endurance has a whole range of styles to choose from incorporating double and triple-glazing options and customisable designs. They also provide a professional fitting service ensuring the doors are perfectly installed and thermally efficient.


Acoustic insulation


Did your neighbour get a noisy dog? Want to drain out that motorway hum or construction noise? Endurance doors are rigorously tested and robustly designed with you in mind. With soundproofing ratings as high as 36dB, these composite doors are the perfect way to eliminate noise pollution and ensure peace and quiet in your home.




Aside from keeping your home warm and peaceful, Endurance composite doors can give you the peace of mind that your home is safe. Subject to the comprehensive Secured by Design (SBD) testing methods designed by the UK Police, these doors are built for maximum protection against criminal damage and break-ins. Such is their confidence in the ABS Ultimate Locking Cylinder mechanism, Endurance offers their customers a £2000 security guarantee.




Not only do these thermally-efficient composite doors allow you to do your bit for the planet by minimising energy costs in your home, but they are also manufactured and delivered with responsible environmental practices in mind. This involves utilising sustainable timber sources and reforestation, waste elimination and use of entirely recyclable materials and a greener, fuel-conscious approach to deliveries.


Why energy-efficient doors matter?

Installing energy-efficient doors is one of the best ways to insulate your home and keep it warm this winter. It also allows you to save more of your hard-earned cash while simultaneously sound-proofing your property, keeping it safe, and ultimately doing your bit for mother nature. For more information on why improving the energy efficiency of your home is so important check out the Gov.Uk website here to see how it forms part of a wider plan to improve energy security nationwide.


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