If you have a vision for a smart home, you need to work with a supplier and installer that can bring it to life. Cornflake specialises in creating cutting-edge audio systems, home cinemas and much, much more to elevate your living space. Learn more in this article.

The living environment can be curated to meet the needs of those living in it like never before with modern technology. The greatest innovation for homes of the 21st century has been the advent of smart technology, and there are companies that specialise in creating bespoke environments in modern homes that incorporate cutting-edge smart solutions.

Cornflake brings intuitive tech solutions to enrich living experiences throughout the home. People can connect more profoundly with their living environments via systems that are finely tuned to their unique needs. The company has earned a reputation for over-delivering on its commitments, providing the best possible service for clients at every turn. What’s more, they provide a one-of-a-kind concierge support service all year round.

Services offered

The name of the game is to strike an equilibrium between performance, reliability and energy efficiency. The engineers that install smart solutions have the technical mastery that they bring to every project. The areas covered include:

Audio solutions

Multi-room audio for every need, Cornflake actually started as a specialist audio business and has a strong understanding of delivering for your needs.

Home cinemas

Regardless of size or shape, Cornflake’s cinema project team can create the space your dream of. Unrivalled A/V experiences incorporate the same technology seen in Hollywood studios for an unparalleled home cinema experience.

Bespoke lighting solutions

Designs for every ambience and mood, always keeping energy efficiency in mind.

Electronic windows and blinds

Gain full control over your windows and blinds at the touch of a button.

Integrated security and telecoms systems

Nothing is more important than the safety and security of your home and loved ones, and Cornflake’s approach is highly proactive utilising the latest technology.

Design, installation and support

The process involves a collaborative design process wherein your key requirements are identified. Potential customers can visit the showroom and learn about the solutions available to them, including walkthroughs and demonstrations that bring every solution to life.

Every Conrflake client will receive a best-in-class smart home solution with an unmatched level of customer service. The solution will include a dedicated smart app with a simple user interface to control every aspect of the new smart home system. Installation is always state-of-the-art and completed with a beautiful finish, and the 24/7 concierge service includes:

  • Remote monitoring of your system
  • Background updates to ensure everything is working at full capacity
  • Round-the-clock telephone support provided by someone from our expert team

Excellence at every turn

When creating your dream home, you shouldn’t need to compromise on anything important. Style, comfort and energy efficiency are available in equal measure with the implementation of modern smart technology, particularly when systems are designed and installed by the very best.

Accept nothing less than perfect equilibrium with top-of-the-range technology. Work with Cornflake and you are in the best hands – they will support you in making your choices and bringing your vision for a beautiful smart home to life.

You can contact Cornflake here.


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