Whether you are moving house or simply planning to revamp the interior of your current home, you’ll naturally want to ensure you buy high-quality products for the best price possible. XS Stock is a family-based business in Irvine, Scotland that helps you to do just that!

Who is XS Stock?

There are predominately two sides to XS Stock, its physical store and its online shop.

The physical store is an impressive 25,000 sq. ft and is filled with discounted items, including everything from homeware and clothing to toys and pet accessories. The store has been operating since 2000 and the company has worked hard to ensure they provide its shoppers with a premium shopping experience, without the premium price tag. The store is home to a charming café and shoppers are encouraged to relax and enjoy their shopping experience whilst at XS Stock. As previously mentioned, XS Stock is a family business and the home-baked treats and cakes in their café truly give the store a welcoming, family feel.

If you’re not planning a trip to Scotland anytime soon, don’t worry. XS Stock also provides discounted goods online. The company boasts two large warehouses to ensure they can showcase a wide range of stock online.

What makes XS Stock unique?

Aside from its strong family values, XS Stock is unique as in addition to providing a wide range of home and garden furnishings, it also stocks a wide range of seasonal decorations. This not only helps the brand appear as playful but also encourages shoppers to visit the store year-round and see what new decorations they have in stock. The company is particularly fond of Halloween and their range of Halloween decorations is a huge hit with locals in Irvine. The company also offers its own loyalty card scheme for shoppers in their physical store which further encourages repeat custom and helps them build a strong customer base.

XS Stock does not currently manufacture its own products, rather it carefully selects the brands and products it wishes to feature on its website. This is to ensure the products are of the highest quality and that XS Stock can source them for a discounted price for their loyal customers. This also offers their customers convenience as they can shop for products for every room in their home, from the convenience of one store.

If you’re moving and want discounted premium furnishings to decorate your new property, browse the wide range of products available at XS Stock today.


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