Expos and showrooms are a great way to investigate certain products that you may want to invest in, or which you might otherwise want to keep track of. In this article, we’re looking at various showrooms across the UK in 2023 that could be worth a look – especially as they demonstrate new and exciting technologies. Keep reading to learn more about these specific expos, including when they’re running, and the sectors that they deal with.


Exciting 2023 expos


Here are some interesting expositions and trade shows, relating to various fields, that you could attend or look into throughout 2023:


Fenex, the window sector


Fenex is the world’s first fenestration trade show and seeks to unite the entire sector through its many booths and partners. Their next exposition is in Telford from the 17th-19th of April 2023 and features an ‘Installer Area’ which spotlights the many hard-working people who install, repair, or otherwise work with windows. This expo is available online for those who cannot physically attend, and promises an inside look into recent window and glazing innovations, alongside unique and varied seminars. If you’re curious about the fenestration sector, and would like to learn more, read up on Fenex by going to their website.


Accountex London, the accounting sector


Accountex London is an accounting-based expo which is running from the 10th-11th of May 2023 in London and aims to investigate the increase in digitisation across the industry. This includes software demonstrations, with attendees including Taxcalc, Xero, and more, who aim to help accountants future-proof their operations whilst embracing new technologies. As accounting becomes more reliant on software, it’s essential that professionals understand how to use this to their advantage – and leverage software to deliver a more compelling service to their accounting clients.


Seawork, the commercial marine sector


Seawork is about the workboat and commercial marine industry, boasting over 70 vessels with unique outdoor demonstrations. This is in Southampton from the 13th-15th of June; with an online equivalent available on their website. The expo attracts thousands of visitors from across the world each year, including key industry figures who are always looking to develop further business relationships. Seawork unites marine equipment suppliers, vessel builders, naval architects, engine designers, port operators and other marine professionals together in a single event.


Cloud & Cyber Security Expo, the cyber-security sector


Cloud & Cyber Security Expo relates to cyber-security and recent innovations which might help to revolutionise anti-malware strategies. The exposition is in London from the 8th-9th of March, with industry leaders present to showcase their companies and recruit fresh talent. Anybody looking for a cyber-security job could benefit from attending this expo, with plenty of talks from speakers representing prestigious companies. The key themes of these talks, and the expo itself, are cloud storage, the Zero Trust model, and threat response.


Don’t miss these expos


With trade shows and expositions across various sectors each month, it’s definitely worth looking into many of these opportunities. This could help you break into a certain sector, or just learn more about new innovations, such as exciting developments in the window industry on display at Fenex.


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