Luxury lifestyle magazines continue to remain popular among online readers owing to the escapism and wide range of topics they cover – including travel, beauty and home lifestyle. From them, you discover everything from exclusive products and services to experiences happening near you.


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Fashion trends are forever changing and evolving, making it hard to keep up with them. This is especially the case with luxury brands that may launch several collections throughout the year. It seems that wearing hoodies under blazers is one of the newest trends being fashioned by celebrities. Luxury magazines collate all information on fashion trends, allowing you to determine what patterns are emerging among high-end brands and which of them work for you. Monthly newspapers offer the additional benefit of notifying you of seasonal trends – giving you a ‘fashionably’ early head start when it comes to your winter or summer wardrobe.


2. New passions


Luxury magazines are also great for helping you discover a new passion – whether it be related to travel, the arts or the entertainment sector more generally. They keep you updated on the latest events while urging you to try new things. For instance, Lux Life features articles on ‘6 luxury alternative games to try on your next holiday, ‘Gianfranco Meggiato – The breath of form’, and ‘Walking in a winter wonderland – 10 beautiful winter gardens. Exploring these articles allows you to find something that fuels your intrigue and which could pave the beginning of a new obsession.


3. Gift-giving ideas


If you have friends with equally luxurious tastebuds, luxury magazines are a great way to source presents and gift ideas for special occasions. If you’re looking to plan a social outing, these magazines feature information on newly-opened restaurants or retreats – thereby doing some of the planning for you. Alternatively, articles on lifestyle and beauty usually include information on the latest homeware or skincare sets which are perfect as gifts.


4. Networks


If you own a luxury business, such magazines can help you learn more about other industry leaders in your field. It gives you the opportunity to learn more about what your competitors offer and broach partnerships with them. What’s more, you can even contact luxury magazines such as Lux Life to feature your brand alongside them and get your brand noticed too.


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